Use Google Assistant with Kospet Optimus 2

Helll, I am heavy user of Google assistant ,daily user, So it is natural that I really like using" Hey google" with my Full android watch, -" Kospet Optimus2"
But the issue with the lift to wake feature is kinda killing my enthusiasm for this watch,
right after I enable the lift to wake function on this watch, I can use the Lift to wake feature to speak with Google assitant and get answers, no major issues, it works,
But the problem is that, after using the lift to wake funciton for the 1st time, and the watch screen automatically turned off because of idleness, I attempted to use the lfit to wake feature again, then the Google assistant no longer responded to my voice command, and the watch screen didn’t turn on as it should have after I lifting my hand up.

So, have you guys experienced the same issue ? I think it would be amazing that this lift to wake feature Totally works well with Google assitant voice command.

Hi . It sounds like google assistant isnt working in the background . Try this

are you sure this is how to fix the Google assistant not responding after using the lifting to wake function? As I said, the 1st time after lifting my hand, the google assistant responded to my voice command, it worked, only after short time when I tried to use the lift to wake function again, did I start to experience this issue of Google assistant not responding to my Hey google, and the screen didn’t light up even after I rasied my hand, the watch I am talking about is KOSPET OPTIMUS 2,

It should work . I would try it and report back :+1:

Okay, I look forward to getting your feedback,

Apologies . I meant for you to try this :+1:

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