Universal launcher and play store

I’ve recently published an update of my launcher with support of missed call and missed sms counters in clockskin. You may have noticed that this last version is not available on the Google store. In fact, I can’t publish it in the store with these new functionality, this is not authorized by Google.
So, I have two choice, I can drop those two features and keep the launcher on the store (at least I can try) or I do not update the store anymore and keep the app only available on this forum.
What do you think ?
Do you know another way to solve the problem ?
Any comment is welcome.

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If you keep it on this forum you can also import the call function of version 9.0 back into the new version
So we can all use the new version with all his features

Sorry @bricky_vl , but I think you are talking about watchdroid…

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It is a difficult decision. It is not a frequently used function, but it is a function. I personally think it’s good to be able to use it in the Universal Launcher too. I can not estimate how much effort it is to create a 2nd version for the forum?
Perhaps it is a solution to do the current development here in the forum. This is where most of the feedback comes from. And once a year an update in the Playstore - without SMS and unread notifications?


Oops you’re right @G1NT0N1C :blush:

If I can permit,Eric, you can drop the functions for the gplay version,so you can update it,and a second version with these functions for this forum,if you have time to do, and if it not take too time to do it.
Personally,I don’t use this function,but I think it’s usefull for many people.
Thanks for your work.

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Hi @Eric_Crochemore, Hopefully u will publish the latest version on this forum :pray: As for after that, Sounds like u have a bit of a decision 2 make :thinking: I think @G1NT0N1C had a good solution. May I ask why Google Play won’t allow missed call and missed sms counters?

Dear Eric
I vote for these features to be very good. For those who use older watches to make phone calls, it can be a great help.

Unfortunately, there is a problem with these at UL. I wrote to you before, but you may not have noticed. Missed calls are counted incorrectly. All missed calls in the phone are counted and displayed. Starting the phone application does not reset the counter. The amount only decreases if I also delete it from the call list.
SMS works perfectly

Yes that’s the normal usage I think. I have not coded this function, it’s only a basic request on the phone database.
To make this request I need to make my application the default phone and sms manager, and that a launcher is clearly not, that’s why Google is not authorizing it.

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Keeping the features and releasing the full version here is much more important taking into account that most of the full android watches’ users use this forum for support more than they use Play Store that doesn’t provide support for this kind of smart watches anyway.

Personally eric i would keep it to the forum only . If you were charging for the app that would be a different matter. I think its a good function to keep

@Eric_Crochemore, Cheers Eric 4 ur reply, I also agree with the last 2 points made by @Dr_Andy_Vishnu & @Maveric_A on where to publish ur app.

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Don’t be angry but my English is weak. I do not want to hurt you.
I don’t understand why it’s important information that I’ve had 58 missed calls since I first turned on? Is this so important to show on the screen?
This is currently listed by UL.
The designers of the phones and Kospet watches think otherwise. I can talk about Kospet PRIME and OPTIMUS PRO these firmware resets the counter if you start any phone application. The counter is also reduced if I only clear the notification. On your phone, not all missed calls will appear in the notification bar. If my phone did that I would have thrown it out a long time ago.

As you wish, but as i said, this is the feature that the Android system is giving to users, i can’t do other than this. So if it’s not correct, then i can just drop this feature and it will simplify the problem.

OK I understand. Maybe removal is a good solution.

Thanks for the feedback. So, for now, i keep it like this. The forum will get the last updates as always and the PlayStore is frozen waiting for a solution (if any).


@eric_crochemore - kindly publish the link to download the latest version of your launcher. Waiting for it since long.


It’s in the first post of my thread. What else are you looking for?

Here ist the Trend Eric is talking about:
-Universal Launcher [Ver. 3.x and above]


You should not drop this feature as it may be useful for the members of this forum.You can submit to play store without this feature if they did not allow for this feature. Rest it depends upon your choice. Thanks