Ulysse Nardin Moonstruck Astronomical - REVISED!

Thanks to @tomoirino, it is now understood how this watch works… The sun is in the outer ring and moves wtith 24 hour day while the moon phase is displayed in the inner circle. Th only difference from the original is that the moon phase does not revolve around the face of the watch to suggest tidal changes…




CREDIT: Ulysse-Nardin.com


Another nice one @doubledad :+1: :+1: Would that second marker you eliminated perhaps be an alarm set marker? I only suggest it because I have a Bullova that has a marker like that for the alarm set. Anyway, I have put in (In your name :woozy_face: :crazy_face:) a USD bid of 75,000 (At last no one can say your a cheapskate doubledad! :rofl:) So you’ll be able to tell us exactly what that hand does, when you win it! No, please don’t thank me…it was a pleasure! :crazy_face: :rofl: Cheers, Doons

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This watch face is also beautiful and interesting. I think the inner circle indicates the position of the moon relative to the earth and the sun. The small circle within the inner circle shows the moon phase. It looks really difficult to reproduce the original movement.


Looks like you can save your money, tomoirino has solved the riddle!

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Many thanks, tomoirino, I’m sure you noticed I incorporated your “globe/shadow” treatment in this watch. Now I’ll go back to see if I can emulate the moon phase…

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FYI - Here is a page with a video of how the watch works…

Thank you very much for the information.
Your revised watch face is getting closer to the original. Really nice!
(Is there any possibility to put a moon phase bezel rotating with the sun? Difficult to imagine…)

Not sure what you have in mind regarding “a moon phase bezel rotating with the sun”… If it were the bezel (in place of the days of the month), I’m not sure what that would accomplish.

I observed in the movie that the moon also rotate with the sun around the earth keeping a certain angle between the moon and the sun (e.g. 0 degrees for new moon, 90 degrees for quarters, 180 degrees for full moon, etc.).
I thought it might be very difficult to let the moon rotate around the earth for 24 hrs with the sun, changing the moon phase at the same time.
Are there any good idea?

I don’t believe that is possible…

As I learned from an excellent example by @G1NT0N1C, synchronizing animations to clock may enable us to implement the movement similar to the original.
I tried like this;

which includes WFD xml file and big.
Most of the artworks and ideas were copied from @doubledad.
Although this movement is not very elegant, relative positions of earth, sun, and moon are kept consistent depending on the moon phases. This was realized by setting the animation of moon rotation with one frame per hour.

I have done this for watchmaker, but I wasn’t able to do it in clockskin format. The GIF i Was trying to use was too big for UL. I will have a 2nd look on it.

On UL in .watchformat it works fine.

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Ok, i forgot that i had already solved it. :joy: Here is the link:-Lange & Soehne ewiger Kalender


Congratulations of this amazing complex rendering… I’ll bet it kept you up until the wee hours of the morning!

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Although it looks working properly, the refresh rate of animation have to be 5 times higher like the another example by @G1NT0N1C above in order to get much more beautiful and smooth movement.
It may be too hard job for me to prepare a lot of pictures…

It was a noble experiment :sweat_smile:

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