TWO important announcements: a) If you are thinking about buying this watch - wait

TWO important announcements:

a) If you are thinking about buying this watch - wait for a week or two.
A revised model is being released which will have the 850/2100 bands for 3G. Possibly a better quality battery as well.

b) KingWear tell me today that a new version of sinwaer app is available in the IOS app store which fixes the Bluetooth issue for Apple iPhone users.


@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 What bands are covered at the moment for anyone who has purchased the watch? Could you please confirm this for me.

Where you took this information from?

@C_For CURRENTLY 900 AND 2100 for 3g

Oh my…, so you suggest to wait. I nearly have bougt KW88. OK I’ll wait. Generally I need one piece of art for my sport live. I need it could work with fitness tracking apps like Endomondo, Runkeeper and S Health. It should have precise heart rate sensor, gps, steps counter, LTE (ok it is enough 3G), wifi, battery should work at least for one training day. What you think is it made suchlike smartwatch yet for me?

I purchased for a KW88 with band 900/2100 for 3G I live in Europe and thats the correct 3G band for Spain.

I was thinking that if ip67, or resistant to drops of water or sweat :frowning:

I almost ordered today, but now I’m halting it. For europe the bands don’t matter, but a larger battery does.

@Kenneth_Tan it will not be a larger battery. Just maybe a different manufacturer

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ sorry you’re right. A better one is not a bigger one. But probablu closer to the value printed on it.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 have King Wear said there is a problem with the batteries in our watches?

No - I am saying there’s a problem with the batteries lol

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ok. I’m being pretty lucky with battery atm.

I’ve build a battery tester for lipo batteries. It tests internal resistance and capacity.
I’ll bet you that the indicated capacity on the pack is at least 10% more than it is in reality.

@Kenneth_Tan that’s really cool :slight_smile:
I guarantee that these batteries are absolute rubbish. The issue is not understanding the technology.
They think that because it is a little watch it does not need much capacity. Add this to the fact that they will normally use the cheapest possible battery and problems will happen…

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 The problem is balancing the capacity with size to fit in the watch. Often a 400mALipo will not fit because of it’s volume @400mA. Fitting a 360mA into a 400mA package will. (Or putting a 400mA stamp on a 360mA package ofcourse). In the papers then they state a possible 10% accuracy mismatch. (10% of 400 is 360mA - Coincidence???)

High end LiPo’s might do the trick, but are more expensive, so lowcost watchmakers will not use them.

Looking at the battery placement on most of these watches, I can conclude that the battery is replaceable bij the user, so that’s a good option for me.

So now reading this, I really only want to know if kingwear is coming out with a 1/8GB watch on android 5.1.
Do I want to wait a few weeks for this, or am I going to buy the new one AND the current one?

Yes, that is right, but the specifications on the internet for the watches are all over the place. From 350mA/H to even 450mA/H I’ve seen them put in the specs. That’s a pretty big volume to put in a watch if your using standard LiPo tech.
If i order a watch (most likely the KW88) I’m going to measure the LiPo for capacity and internal resistance.

Got a message from Kingwear today:
My question:
“I’m getting information that there’s going to be a revised version of the kingwear KW88. New antenna’s in the straps and a bigger battery? Is that true and how can I know that I’m getting the revised watch?”

“all of the models will be the new ones on the market, do not worry”

Don’t know what to do with that answer.

Anyways, bought the watch today for € 108,- (white band)
This is going to be my first, so if a 1/8Gb comes out, I’d probably buy a second one.

I don’t understand? No one ever said anything about a bigger battery. I talk to these guys every day and the only thing I heard was that they may look at the quality of the battery and maybe a better source. I think I even mentioned that to you earlier in this thread?

Yes you did, but I wrote them this question before you corrected me.