[TUT] Root for S1/Q7 plus smart watch with Magisk (no TWRP needed)

I have rooted my smartwatch with Magisk and if someone looking for a good solution to root this watch here are the steps:

  • download and install on the android phone (not smart watch) latast Magisk Manager 6.0.1
  • extract boot.img file from the official firmware (download link is in finow firmware section)
  • place boot image to phone and run magisk manager
  • press install button choose boot.img file and wait until it’s patch
  • install Magisk Manager app on smartwatch
  • use SpFlash Tool to flash new patched_boot.img
  • turn on watch and you have root
  • when you install some app that require root access you can’t confirm it on popup screen becouse button is not visible so close this app and in Magisk Manager app on the right tab you can grant su access in supersu section