Touch zone lemfo

good morning who can help me, I would like to insert a touch zone on my lemp 2021 myolemfo, I would like to insert the microphone here is the name of the package obtained from my smartwatch app: Recorder
package: com.wiite.wear.dy.recorder
Launcher: com.wiite.wear.dy.recorder.activity.MainActivity

I put it in the xml file but it doesn’t open as parameters I put this

how can I do. Thank you

As I wrote two days ago.
You don’t have to write the whole forum with one problem.
Find the answer to your own request.
Not a difficult task.


Have you followed this tutorial

sorry if i bothered, but i entered a new topic on the lemfo section. and in any case I didn’t get it right coas you said, I just asked for help. it seems as if we annoy, if we are incompetent you don’t have to be so hard. everyone does his job. so if you help me i say thank you by sending me a message to solve, if you can’t do it i say thank you anyway.

I described it to you character by character.
No one can help more than that.
Read this:

But once again

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I already gave up… :wink: