To the Face Request from "Pascal Carasso" This Face was a absolut Crazy Work!!

To the Face Request from “Pascal Carasso”

This Face was a absolut Crazy Work!!

A Floating Liquid on a Android Smartwatch!

Very hard for me to find a Way to do this.

But at last i take this Challenge, and now the
Liquid flows :))

All Parts build with Photoshop, and program with my Fingers.

I Added a new dial that shows better the Battery,

and changed the Liquid Technique from Hour to Second.

Now the Magic of the Floating Liquid is always on Display.

On the Dial are now Minute AND Hour Hands.

Thats the Different to the Original HYT Technique.

The Design is not mine, i make only a Homage to the Brand

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And Now Have Fun :slight_smile:

nice work, thank`s

Unique work. Thank you and to all designers in this community of friends and adherents!

Thank you so much ! I don’t like this watch, I love it ! It is great ! Leavin’ the dream…

Wow this one is awesome
Great work !!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

great work! thanks!

Thanks Ruslan, its a big compliment for me :slight_smile:

@Di_Di lol :slight_smile: you are welcome)

awesome work, many thnx…:smiley:

Wow Di Di this is maddness!! :open_mouth: What an awesome watch face! Thanks for all the work.

Very happy to have requested this face. It seems that I won’t be the only one enjoying your awesome job DiDi !

Wow! Enjoying your stuff @Di_Di

thx, looks awesome!

Is this watch face can be applied on kw88? The awsome work didi

Yes, it can ! It is on mine via Eric Crochemore’s launcher and it is absolutlly amazing. @Siraj_Khan

@Di_Di The only feature that does not seem to work on my kw88 is the battery level which stays on red even when my battery is full.

Instant favorite watchface. Top!
You have the skills to make awsome faces.
If you have some more time and will culd you try to make some more of HYT company?

Hello Pascal,
What version of launcher use you?
On my own KW88 i use version 1.1. My Battery level work correct.

@Di_Di Battery levels doesn’t work on my kw88 as well. I’m on version 1.1.6 on the launcher.