Ticwris Max TWRP / Root

Thank you . I’ve been reading a lot . :slight_smile: I really just like this watch so I’m being inpatient :smiley:

Hello @moonhop7,

Did you try with the TWRP recovery for “D” variant firmware?You can get it here:

Good luck…

Maybe someone has patched ‘‘W’’ firmware for TicWris?

and by patched firmware you mean? TWRP? A patched boot image that will stop twrp from being overwritten? A boot image patched by magisk? Or just a stock newer version of the firmware?

The way I could root my watch.

Unless the W version is a fourth version, this should work:

edit: it seems the W version is indeed a fourth version with its own firmware
here’s twrp for it (as usual ported from the twrp made by iscle for the original version):

@TomyVertigo, you can either flash twrp to both the recovery and boot partitions, then flash the stock boot image within twrp and lastly the magisk zipfile, or you can patch the boot image with magisk manager and flash that either alone or together with twrp

Küldhet javított és twrp képfájlokat a Ticwris Max D okosóra számára?
Ha nem ismernél valakit, aki elküldené?
Köszönöm a válaszát

@atv4233 Please use English here, otherwise you may not get a reply.

Yes, I always flash both the Magisk patched boot image and TWRP at the same time using flash tools.
Works fine :+1:

Can you send patched and twrp image files to the Ticwris Max version 2.0 type D smartwatch?
If you didn’t know someone who could send me?
Thanks for your response

I’m looking for TWRP for Ticwris Max version 2.0 D (possibly 1.9 D).

I made the patched boot file for Ticwris Max v2.0 D and put it together with the component TWRP. They can be downloaded from the link.


Looking for patched boot.img and twrp recovery img for Ticwris Max S (6739 on firmware version 1.9), thank you

Hello everyone! I’m new to the Ticwris smartwatch and I’m looking at rooting my watch so I can change the fonts on it. Anyone point me in the right direction?? Thanks in advance!

You need to take the boot image and transfer it to another Android device - mobile phone is best.
Install magisk on your mobile phone and patch the boot image.
Flash the boot image with the SP Flash Tools.
Reboot the watch and install magisk on your watch.

If you don’t know this already:

  1. make sure you research on XDA developer forum.
  2. don’t do it if you don’t understand what you are doing.

This is why we don’t discuss root here.
Too many people just go ahead and do stuff without reading up on it first.
We don’t have enough staff to talk people through this.

Due to firmware changes over time, any patched boot or recovery images are no longer available.
Because they just don’t work any more.

Good luck.

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Thanks man I was just trying to see if I could root just to change my fonts

anybody know if theres an update for android 10 on this watch?

There is no A10 update for this watch.