TicWris Max smart watch

I’m having an issue with my TicWris Max smart watch, I use the Nova launcher and I really like it, but I’ve noticed my camera doesn’t work correctly , when I go into the camera app that is the default camera app, the screen is black and you can only see the camera and video button. Another issue I’ve noticed is when I open the phone app, again the default one, and go into the dial pad to dial a number, it quickly kicks me out, I guess crashes… anyone have these same issues, and if so is there anything I can do to fix this? Thank you

My first question would be did you have these issues before you installed the Nova Launcher. If not that is where I would look to fix it.


Good point . And also check if you there is a firmware upgrade available . If so install then factory reset watch . This normally cures most problems .

Have you an app like Rotation Control installed and have landscape Mode always activated?
Or is there any setting in nova launcher?
I have the same issue because of the App, because the native camera app is in portrait Mode only.
Hope there will be a Firmware Update to use camera in landscape Mode soon

No I didn’t, I’m not really sure when it started as I don’t use the camera very often, I’ve had nova launcher on it since I bought it, so it’s been on there for awhile

And just yesterday my screen went black, I know this watch is supposed to be water resistant, but I’m not sure if water got in some how and caused this, and if it can be resolved? I don’t submerge my watch in water or shower with it on ever…any way to fix this? Thanks

So what makes you think water caused this ? We have the option of drying it out first before trying to power back on . Place in a bag of rice in a warm place for a few days . We also have the option of flashing the firmware . Can you provide more info . I would certainly know if i got my watch wet or not . Thanks


@Onenonlynicky, I see that @A_Hansch already asked, but I didn’t see your answer yet, but do you indeed have a screen rotation app installed ?
I also have one on the Max S and when the rotation is fixed in landscape mode, I see exactly your problem, with the black screen.
So it may be caused by having locked the screen rotation to landscape. If you have, try to disable that and test the camera again.

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Yeah I do have the rotation app, so I will check that out after I figure out what happened to my watch last night, as the screen is black for everything now, can’t see anything on it🤦🏻‍♂️

I believe it could have possibly gotten water on it from giving my dog a bath, but I wasn’t using my left hand much to get it soaked or anything but splashed water I’m sure got on it, but I’m wondering if water might have gotten into the microphone hole or where the speaker is possibly, but after I wiped it off, I shook it a bit to see if water would come out from anywhere, but didn’t see anything, then I put it in a bag of rice overnight, it was still on, and this morning my alarm on it went off while in the rice, but the screen was still black…this morning I took the watch apart to see if it had any water, or any water spots that may have had water, but no signs of any water, at least today that is, I disconnected the plugs on the watch to look under the motherboard/battery, no signs of any water underneath, I put it by a fan while taken apart to make sure it’s completely dry, gonna put it back together and see if anything has changed…how do you update firmware, is that the same as going on the phone in the settings and looking for updates? Because I just did that before this happened and it was up to date.

Okay . Flashing the firmware is different to updating the firmware. The firmware is on this forum and here is a guide .

Providing you have no hardware problems this should fix your problems


So, has anyone had any further update on the issue with low phone call volume?

My general media volume is ok from the speaker and it’s ok via BT earbuds, however, the speaker volume on phone calls is terrible.

Not as yet . Sorry

Hopefully there wil be a solution sooner rather than later …
I only purchased it for 1 reason -

(1) the extra battery power meant I could (2) use the phone regularly.

Unfortunately without being able to use it for (2), it means the benefit of (1) is meaningless for me because I use the phone calls.

I ran into the same issue, I have no use for the camera app but hate the fact that it isn’t working. I found an app on the play store called Camera 2 that in many ways is better that the native camera app.

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