Ticwris Max firmware version

I just have received a new Ticwris Max watch and the firmware version is:


The firmware file I downloaded is TICWRIS_MAX_V1.9_20200713_P

Does the date suggest the version installed is the latest version of the firmware ? When I try to do a wireless update it says that I have the latest version.

they have changed the screens used in ticwris max / lem t, so on your watch, with the new screen, you have to use a firmware with a D at the end of the name

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Does anyone have specific information on what D variant is compared to the non D ? Just curious.

My watch appears to have a small circular hole in the top left hand side. I initially thought it was the camera. Is it a sensor ?

Take a look at the LEM T FAQ and review thread.
Use search function at the top of the page.
DO NOT FLASH THAT FIRMWARE you have just downloaded or your screen will be a mess

Thanks pablo11. I have read the FAQ… it contains a lot of varying information about different topics.

The top of the FAQ needs to be kept updated so that all new watch owners can get a good summary about their watch as soon as they start reading. And ideally renamed to LEM T & Ticwris FAQ.

The problem with the search feature is that if I search Ticwris I get a lot fewer results then Lem T. The Lem T FAQ is under LEMFO products. I know now that they are affectively the same watch with subtle differences in firmware. New uses have to know to search Lem T for information on the Ticwris.

I posted this topic under general discussion to avoid confusion but now I believe it should be under LEMFO. I am still none the wiser on what the actual difference is with my new D variant of a a screen. I am sure over time this information will come to light.

Does anybody have a copy of the latest TICWRIS_MAX_V1.0_20200806D firmware?

My mistake.
I will upload it now


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Thank you.

hello, I accidentally flashed the software version 1.9 … P. now i have problems with my display. do you have a “W” version?
my version was previously: ticwris_max_v1.0_20200921W_20200922-0033

hey y’all , it would be really great if someone can tell me how to get ADB Fast Boot to work on the Ticwris Max… without a volume down button… Thanks in advance

This may sound like a silly question but why are you trying to use fastboot commands?
There is already a TWRP for the DM100 and by using magisk manager there is no need to use fastboot.
@iscle correct me if I’m wrong?

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I assume you found the firmware thread?
Its very easy to find.

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I am new to the full android watch scene, I’ve been flashing mobiles for years . I am really just learning about TWRP and Magisk

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Ah yes I understand.
Well to put it simply, MTK devices that are used in these watches do not have a dependence on the bootloader unlock process.

Just flashing twrp recovery and magisk patched boot is all you need.
This is all done using SP flash tools.

In this package is the driver installer and the flash tool.

If you use the search button at the top of the forum you will can find the recovery you need.

Let me know if you still need anything.

To save time here is the recovery. But only flash these and nothing else and use “download only” mode in the flash tool.

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