Ticwris Max firmware version

I just have received a new Ticwris Max watch and the firmware version is:


The firmware file I downloaded is TICWRIS_MAX_V1.9_20200713_P

Does the date suggest the version installed is the latest version of the firmware ? When I try to do a wireless update it says that I have the latest version.

they have changed the screens used in ticwris max / lem t, so on your watch, with the new screen, you have to use a firmware with a D at the end of the name

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Does anyone have specific information on what D variant is compared to the non D ? Just curious.

My watch appears to have a small circular hole in the top left hand side. I initially thought it was the camera. Is it a sensor ?

Take a look at the LEM T FAQ and review thread.
Use search function at the top of the page.
DO NOT FLASH THAT FIRMWARE you have just downloaded or your screen will be a mess

Thanks pablo11. I have read the FAQ… it contains a lot of varying information about different topics.

The top of the FAQ needs to be kept updated so that all new watch owners can get a good summary about their watch as soon as they start reading. And ideally renamed to LEM T & Ticwris FAQ.

The problem with the search feature is that if I search Ticwris I get a lot fewer results then Lem T. The Lem T FAQ is under LEMFO products. I know now that they are affectively the same watch with subtle differences in firmware. New uses have to know to search Lem T for information on the Ticwris.

I posted this topic under general discussion to avoid confusion but now I believe it should be under LEMFO. I am still none the wiser on what the actual difference is with my new D variant of a a screen. I am sure over time this information will come to light.

Does anybody have a copy of the latest TICWRIS_MAX_V1.0_20200806D firmware?

My mistake.
I will upload it now


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Thank you.

hello, I accidentally flashed the software version 1.9 … P. now i have problems with my display. do you have a “W” version?
my version was previously: ticwris_max_v1.0_20200921W_20200922-0033