Ticwris Max and phone integration

Hi, so I’ve been using the Ticwris Max for a few days now, and I’m noticing that the integration between the phone and the watch isn’t great. Is this a pitfall of using full android rather than one of the watch-specific OS?

The software you’re supposed to use (WiiWatch2) isn’t great. I’ve been using Watch Droid, but this doesn’t allow me to make/receive calls via the watch.

The Wear OS app would be ideal, but that gets stuck “Checking watch settings”. Does anyone have any better alternatives? Or is this pretty much what you get with full android smart watches?


These watches work for me at there best with a android phone ( not IOS ) and watch droid which you have tried . The wiiwatch app does have options that watch droid doesnt but again watch droid seems to be the favourite . Bluetooth calling is not available on any android 7.1.1 watches .
Dont forget these watches are meant to be standalone and used with a sim instead of using a phone . Tethering is just a option


Ah yes, I understand. Just a shame that E-Sims are not a thing yet on my network.

Has anyone successfully flashed a ROM of a higher version of Android on these yet do you know?

I know the LEMFO watch was able to be flashed to use the Tecwris firmware, but haven’t seen anything else.

There will be no higher Android version for this watch. This does not happen for these watches.

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Although then again, you say that, but there already has been an update to it in May…

Really?! That’s ridiculous! It releases on a version of Android that’s a good few years old, and then won’t get any updates?

I’ve wasted my money then

Perhaps it would have been a good idea to find out something beforehand?
Other than that, I don’t understand your problem. Why not just enjoy what we currently have? There are many interesting things that can be done with these watches if you are ready to deal with them.


He didnt mean updates to the firmware ? Thats not what you asked
All of these watches recieve firmware updates when available

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I did my research. Things are always different in practice though.

My problem is that as a smart watch, I’d expect it to work alongside my phone, as well as independently, considering it has a SIM slot too. And I will enjoy looking at all the things it’s capable of. Just if it’s lacking the basics, it makes it harder to enjoy.

It works independently. What exactly do you miss? Insert a SIM card and use the watch like a phone…


Because that would involve an additional phone contract. Hence the mention of an E-Sim, which would avoid that, but it’s not available to my network yet.

If they worked properly in sync it would pretty much be perfect. But right now, it’s not quite a smart watch, and not quite a phone

The functionality is limited without a SIM card. However, every smartphone has this problem. And that’s what this watch is. A smartphone …
But maybe you should take some time now to read here in the forum and find out what works and what doesn’t.


Do not look for an E-sim card as it will not work on this watch either. E-sim is a virtual electronic SIM card. I need a real SIM card here. A working free SIM card does not exist anywhere in the world. These cards have many names. MULTI-SIM MIRROR-SIM DUO-SIM CAR-SIM etc. I suggest talking to your mobile service provider. CAR-SIM has been around for at least 25 years.

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Its all a matter of personal perception. I have watches that are over 3 years old and though maybe they don’t offer some of the features of the latest watches, still function as well as they day I bought them. With my understanding that, that is how it works, especially with electronic devices, My 6 year old TV doesn’t offer the same features as a new one but still works fine. As stated, Firmware updates may become available to address firmware issues. If my watch is not having any issues and it would not benefit my watch, I don’t always install the updates. To expect a $100+ device to automatically be updated to current standards is not really a reasonable expectation, in my opinion.


The best solution to avoid contracts is to try a Prepaid or Pay as You Go sim card/plan. Not knowing what country you are in, it’s hard to recommend. Does your country have Prepaid/PayGo plans?

Update: Or maybe your country has “Duo - Sim”… 2 sim cards with identical info, one for phone, one for watch?

I use my TICWRIS MAX with a SIM card inserted as a standalone ‘phone’ with a single contact number (that I’ve had for years now), T-Mobile 4G LTE, DIGITS program. USA. No eSIM involved at all.

Convenient as its always on your wrist, no need to carry a large flat phone around.

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Tom Preston does have a point.
To launch an android 7 device in 2020 is - if not “ridiculous” - very close.
Android 5 & 6 are dead, Android 7 is next.
While I’d love the idea of a business phone on my wrist, buying an Android 7 phone in 2020 is a no-no.
These android 7 devices are (or will be in few months) not only a huge security hole in your house/office but once Google will not give any security updates, it will become simply obsolete, with fewer and fewer apps working.

I don’t understand why they didn’t make the effort to put android 9 or even 10 (maybe they target unaware home users?). The hardware supports much newer OS and personally, I would have paid double, triple even on a device like this with latest android 10, upgradeable to 11.

Best luck there!

Your 6 years old tv is doing a great job and also is a hundred times more secure and non-(potentially)-harmful for your home (and/or your business) than an android 7 device - constantly linked to internet, to gps, to mobile network, with loads of apps “measuring” you and your entire digital (and physical) environment every single second.

Unfortunately for Tom, yes, such a “new” device with such old software is pretty much “wasted money” if any serious purpose is envisaged.

This is the only reason I didn’t buy it, and in my humble (but well-informed) opinion, nobody should spend on a non-upgradeable Android 7 phone in 2020, be it on wrist or elsewhere.

Best luck!

Valid points but my expectations for a Smart Watch are to be used for what it is intended, it is a watch, with many other usable features. It is not intended to be another device as capable as your $1200 phone.

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I recall that someone here (Pablo?) said some time ago that Android Go was being investigated to be the future OS for these watches. Is that still the case, and if so how is it progressing?

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