Thor 6 Firmware/Twrp

Can anyone send here firmware and recovery? I wanna exchange)

Patched vbmeta_disabled and boot with magisk 23

Have you tried the search function . Maybe it has been posted ?

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No(( Nothing found ( Only twrp for lem12 pro, it boots, but touchscreen wasn’t work

I see . Flashing the wrong firmware usually doesnt work due to different screens etc

Is this the firmware for zeblaze thor 6? can you please provide the link for thor 6 firmware and procedures to flash it?

Usual flash throw the Flashtool, bro) Screenshot by Lightshot

ROM v 1.2. BACKUP stock before use)

and send yours, if version is changes) Good luck)

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I already works with lem 12’s twrp) With Flashify i can flash archives from system) but i watch this later, thanks)
With my tablet on X27 i just run one script, one click and done))

Now i’m trying to fight with dynamic partitions. Google’s holy s***. :slight_smile:

didn’t work(

Finally being a noobie, i successfully flash the firm using sp flash tool and rooted thor 6 using bugjaeggar app

hello there…Is it possible to answer and place calls (without sim) in zeblaze thor 6…is there any app or custom rom that can make this possible?

Don’t be angry with me, but if we only got one dollar every time someone asked this question, then this forum would be listed on the stock exchange before Apple and Google…
No, unfortunately this is not possible. And personally I am sure that it will stay that way.


Permissive kernel with magisk v23 for GSI

gsi works perfect without fixes, at least crdroid 11 and aosp 11


Extracted from stock rom. Can be edited or just flash throw the fastbootd.

Please edit your post to english . Thankyou

Sorry, forgot about it :smiley:

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pretty google bootlogo)