The smartest Watch I have ever used


My Kospet Optimus 2 watch has been with me for over 1 year now, I only use Google Assistant with this watch, after comparing it with other wear OS watch including the Galaxy watch 4 classic, I have really found that this watch is the smartest when it comes to the Google assistant function, now the only issue I have, after using it for over 1 year, is that the battery is not Great, in order to keep Google Assistant at my beck and call, I have installed " shake to wake" " raise to wake", and also installed an app that keeps my watch screen On All time, this is because Google Assistant only responds when watch screen is on,
by using these apps , I found that the app that uses least battery while making sure google assistant can respond in the Most Convenient Fashion ( at my beck and call) is the " Screen alive" app, this apps keeps screen on all the time, so I set my screen to minimum level of brightness, and it consumes about 15% battery PER HOUR, and this is not great,
too much battery use, I hope it can be between 5%-10%, what do you people think?

It puzzles me that you don’t simply use the build-in raise to wake screen function to turn on the screen before you talk to Google?


Well, the “build-in” raise to wake is actually faulty on my watch, most of the time, the screen quickly automatically turns off itslef about 1 second after the screen is waken after I rasie my it can not be used.

Just now, I even tried downloading and using the " my screen dimmer" app, in the hope that I can dim the screen to almost complete darkness to save power,
2 apps I downloaded did dim the screen to almost complete darkness, in the meantime, Google assitant respond and works very well when I say " hey Google", but the Problem is that, the app itself made the watch hot, and its obvious that it cosumes much more battery when not using the app, disappointing:

Did you ever try using Google assistant ( in the most convenient way possible) while using the build-in raise to wake?
if yes, how much battery does it use in 1 hour on average?

My Ultimate goal is to use Google Assistant IN THE MOST CONVENIENT FASHION,( at my back and call), like whenever I raise my wrist , I can directly get answers and information( by saying Hey google") from Google assistant WITHOUT pressing Any buttons or touching screen, this can be achieved by using the raise to wake screen up or shake to wake screen app, or screen always on, but the only Issue is the battery dies faster and not lasting a day,

No, I never enabled the “Ok Google” listening because I assume this will use too much battery to analyse audio the whole day. I have only used it with a touchfield on my watchface which opens Google Assistant, that works very fine and it doesn’t timeout because you touched and started an app. I understand that it doesn’t fullfil the requirements you have though…

I see, it looks like I am a big time power user of Google Assistant on KOSPET Optimus 2 watch
the Only reason I bought this watch is because of the Google Assistant, I use it to watch any Youtube video, news, music, answers to some great and strange questions, anything about information,


Are you a ordinary user of this watch just like me?

Where are you from

I do not own it, but I have the Kospet Prime, Kospet Prime 2, Ticwris Max S and LEMFO LEM16. They all work great with Google Assistant (well actually I didn’t try it on LEM16).

I see, yes, with Google Assistant, there is almost no need to use touch and press, just by saying Hey google, and you get information from Google. which is why Google Assistant is part of my life.

Hi . Do you have your app running in the background ?

I have never tried it but maybe " hey google " will respond with the screen off when using the above settings .

Using any apps that keep screen on will kill battery and warm up the watch

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I would just use wireless headphones with a voice assistant call function

Hello Dr Andy,
thanks for your response, I tried disabling battery optimization for Google assistant, but I still can Not wake up Google assistant when the screen is Off.
can you please simplify your steps so that it can be easily understood?

Hello Dr Andy,
thanks for your response, I tried disabling battery optimization for Google assistant, but I still can Not wake up Google assistant when the screen is Off.
can you please simplify your steps so that it can be easily understood?
By the way, is it possible that Google Assistant can be triggered by " Hey google" when the watch screen is dark or turned off?
If yes, I want to know how to set it up, on Kospet Optimus 2 watch, I always use Hey Google ONLY WHEN THE WATCH SCREEN IS ON, so to be able to use HEY GOOGLE any time in the most convinient way without any touch or pressing of any button, first step is to make sure the screen is ON, only then I can say " Hey Google". to trigger it.

I cannot simplify my instructions for battery management ? They are a step by step guide . If this guide doesnt work with " hey google " then it wont work .


Have you tried a “IFTTT” type of app? On tilt to wake you could maybe have it automatically send a “hey google” request? IFTTT is a task scheduling manager using “IF-THIS-THEN-THAT” logic.


Have you tried universal launcher, it has a configurable wrist gesture screen off…


Hi, yes, I have an app installed on my Kospet Optimus 2 called " Shakeit app", this is a great app to trigger google assistant by simply shaking wrist., but still it is not very kind to battery, I use it when necessary, it would be perfect if it is kind to battery.

After trying quite a few apps to both fully facilitate use of Google assisant and save battery, I have found that by using the " Shake screen on and off" app and with " hey google" on all time, I can keep Google assistant at my beck and call for over half of the day time, actually if I don’t use too much google assisant, battery proabably can last till around 5 pm, if I don’t watch too much youtube on watch.