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Does anyone know how to
Install watchface on the watch (Kospet prime) but i think its all the same genesis etc etc
What is needed i cant figure it out
And where to find free watchfaces
Greetings buddys

You are not looking at all . This forum is dedicated to free watch faces . Try our search function

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Thanks buddy @Dr_Andy_Vishnu

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I don’t have the ability to manage SMS while the battery is charging

rotation control is the app i use but its not easy to use with the stock launcher i have to run an app called power shade to make the notification panel accessible all the time so you can get to the rotation control app easily !


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It’s not 1mA, but 1A. Serves me right for posting before my first cup of Java.

And the charger I was using was 5V 2.4A, not just 1.5

Some weeks back, I raised the problem of my pedometer and bright-on-raise: they used to work, then one day they stopped working. The other day, I charged the Genesis using the charging dock, and when it was done, the pedometer and bright-on-raise were working again. I suspect this was because the previous charges were too high — the Genesis wants only 1mA, my charger was probably at least 1.5, maybe 2mA. The charging dock likely produces the 1mA that the Genesis can handle.

The Genesis probably detected > 1mA, and disabled the accelerometer, which I’m guessing the pedometer and bright-on-raise depend upon. Charging it using the dock made the Genesis re-enable the accelerometer.

As an aside, unless the charging dock has the same smarts as the Genesis, feeding it > 1mA should be OK

Genesis pedometer

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@Daniel_Escasa yes you are correct and thanks for showing this.
We have warned people about using fast phone chargers and other devices.
The safest way is by PC usb port or the dock or a regular old phone charger that has lower amp output.
Thanks for your information :+1:

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Next chapter in my journey with Genesis.

So I managed to revive the accelerometer which probably controls the bright-on-raise and the pedometer. Thing is, the Genesis battery was discharging way faster than it should’ve. I had to charge it at least three times a day, and even when I put it on power-save with like 20% remaining, the battery would fully discharge overnight. Contrast that — as I mentioned in the Facebook group — with 15% battery lasting almost 24 hours on power-save.

So what to do? The refrigerator trick. Took two tries, but the battery lasted the whole of yesterday without needing to recharge. Granted, I switched off both Bluetooth and GPS — the latter was useless anyway since my house isn’t large enough to get lost in :grinning:. Also, from approximately 33% last night, power-save brought it down to 18% some six hours later.

In sum:

  1. Use only a charger that has an output no more than 1A
  2. In case you do mistakenly use a charger with > 1A output, use the refrigerator trick. Don’t give up if one stay in the refrigerator doesn’t fix the battery; it may take two or more.
  3. Best not to rely on #2 for #1

As an aside, I don’t think my battery is quite yet where it should be. As mentioned above, it previously took almost 24 hours for it to fully discharge from 15% on power-save. After restoring the battery, 33% on power-save down to 18% after six hours. Might need another stay in the refrigerator to chill <sorry>


I’m glad finally someone decided to experiment and get the details down. I can verify that these solutions have worked with my watch previously when I was having issues. Needless to say, anyone who is struggling with the battery life, charging, or overheating needs to see this because my Genesis was shutting down constantly in the heat, charging or turning on, and its working like brand new again.

Thanks again, the community needed this

Yes… We made recommendations for using refrigeration and low power chargers early on.
But it is unusual and I don’t think it was taken seriously

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great post . Appreciated

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Hi,I had all these issues when I had my Genesis tried for over a week to get it back working but in the end had to contact Jason for a replacement. But I had problems with the battery from the start wasn’t really happy with it. You shouldn’t have to put a watch in the fridge tbf is it a quick fix or do you have to keep doing it?
Also I had water inside the camera from when I was mowing the lawn im in the UK it isn’t that hot luckily I got it working again with the rice and bag trick.
But that was the first time I only wore it outside will it occur everytime I do something that may produce sweat?
I hoping my replacement will be better if it performs like my prime does im a happy chap.
By the way Jason was very good with contacting and sent me an address in America to send my watch. Thanks

I can’t disagree with your frustration about this.
As a device that we provide support for it has been extremely challenging.
As most of the issues are hardware related and something that we have no control over it has been difficult indeed.
Jason has tried to resolve issues with the factory that produced these watches but sadly they have been very difficult to work with.
Most of the problems could be reasonably sorted out if they would co-operate with Jason.
So Jason is doing whatever he can and we just have to wait and see what happens.
We cannot do anything else.

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I fully understand how hard it must be to sort out people’s problems. You guys help massively with all the help you give, this wasn’t a dig At Jason at all that was one of the reasons why I bought the watch for the support I know he will sort it out at some point. :+1:

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Oh don’t worry. I know it wasn’t a dig.
All good.
I’m just agreeing that it is a sad situation. :handshake:


In your facebook post you mentioned using a 1mA charger. So which is it?

Sorry @Jonathan_Bickel
I see what you mean.
I think I will double check it and remove my previous post for now.
Because I believe it should be 1 amp. Not mA…

I think we have had this conversation before. I know this is not the procedure you recommend but I use a 2A charger and monitor the applied current, with an inline V/A meter, being supplied to my watches when charging. I have never had an issue with the Genesis or any other watch with charging. My concern with this issue is the misconception by so many, including Daniel, that a 2A charger supplies 2A to your watch when charging. It does not but could if the charging circuit in the watch malfunctions, which is why I verify that the correct amperage is being applied while charging. I suggest to only use a .5A or 1A charger if you can’t monitor the charging current. A .5A (500ma) charger would be best because the watch normally charges at about .4A so it should never seriously overcharge the watch.

Yep, I agree.
Personally I too have not had issues but it is very obvious that people are.
I believe it is purely a matter of thermal shutdown and that (if it were simple) a disconnect and reconnect of the battery is instant fix.
Unfortunately the design prevents this operation from being anything other than risky :confused: