The Genesis - from Kronos Blade

Here is something very cool!!
You may have heard about Kronos Blade previously because of his Janus watch.
Well - this is something very different.
Kronos was a customer just like everyone else.
However, being unsatisfied with the same approach taken over and over again by the various Chinese manufacturers - he decided to take matters into his own hands and design his own product !!

It is a completely new product designed by Kronos and built to order in Shenzhen.
He has taken some of the pain points away and designed a watch aimed directly at western markets.
Camera positioning and quality have been a big focus.
Battery life and sustainable power while travelling have been addressed.
A full 1.53" round reflective screen that can be easily seen in daylight has been used.
It is designed around the same PCB solution that we are used to and is running Android 7.1.1.

Customer service is very important to Kronos.
He is very responsive to customers, adding a little more peace of mind to anyone who has had bad experiences in the past.
You will be able to get technical support from us here and hardware support from Kronos.
You may have seen some strange Chinese videos of this watch - this is because the factory that helped produce the watch for Kronos thought that they would also sell the watch internally on the Chinese market. This has now been stopped so please ignore any other information regarding the Genesis.
The sheer value for money that comes in the Genesis package is really amazing.
The box contains:
The watch.
2 extra “leather over latex” straps.
Wearable charging dock/standby 785mah power supply - it’s your choice but means you always have standby power!!

Portable 3000mah power bank
High quality Bluetooth Ear Buds that can be charged and stored in the power bank.

Our friend Mr Ticks has made a great review of this very cool product so I won’t go into more detail about it because he covers it all in this review:

and this one

This product is exclusively available through the Kronos Blade website only
Pre-order will save you $35 USD as it can be had for $150 USD here:
Once pre-order is over the price will be $185 USD .

Update regarding prices:

ANNOUNCEMENT! NEW PRICING: Preorder is over. Price is now $175 while stock lasts. Full package includes the GENESIS watch with three different bands, a charger cable, booster dock, and Bluetooth tethering earbud power bank.
Extra earbud power bank $40
Extra booster dock $35
Extra band (specify color) $10
Expedited shipping $25 on all orders.


I LOVE IT! This is EXACTLY the kind of watch I want!
Thanks a lot, Kronos!
Man, I wish I had waited till now to buy a smartwatch😅


Try to keep the name as Kronos please. Post edited.

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I purchased the Spovan Blade health band by Kronos and have been wearing every day it for several months now, on my right arm. It has performed flawlessly and is a great product.
Thus I did not hesitate to pre-order a Kronos Genesis, especially since it will be supported here.


If they solved the painpoints from customers, does it come with a better notification syncing app than WiiWatch/2 ?

No, not for the moment. But why not using watchdroid instead?


was just thinking someone should definitely do this.

someone is now doing this.

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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I know there are alternatives, but that shouldn’t stop the companies from developing a complete watch software wise. A better launcher would be nice too, and I know we have UL.


Kronos is a great guy!!! I can tell you for sure, I have been a customer of him and he take really good care of his clients with quick answer and help of any kind. A pity that the Genesis has a battery only 800 mAh …for a standalone use I am afraid it’s too few…but he will come up soon with something else new :wink:

Guess I wasn’t the first one with the idea of a wearable power bank :slight_smile: That, plus the camera facing the right way and transflective screen and the other goodies?! I’m definitely putting in my preorder.


730mAh actually, so closer to 700 than 800.
Bigger battery and pinch to zoom would have been nice options :ok_hand:

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It is good to see a new viewpoint for watches . Very exciting :+1:


any hardware engineers want to partner and design a new tablet built to order from Shenzhen?
we can take some of the pain points away and design a tablet aimed directly at western markets.

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I have a kospet prime…bigger battery but still not enough, so ATM I think will stick to the Lem T 2880 mAh perfect for a standalone use. BTW I noticed that in roaming it use even less power !


This looks great. I love the camera placement for the main camera. I always thought the placement of the Hope’s camera was kind of silly, it always catches my hand/wrist. With the Kronos you can cross your arms and discretely film.
Or take a picture and have it look like you’re just checking the time etc.

Some downsides, the GPS capabilities aren’t too descriptive, so not sure how capable it is.
I wish they put a bigger battery inside of it though 730mAh isn’t too big compared to the kospet prime. Even with an external battery pack

And i really want to see someone create a full android watch that has a heatsink to the outer edge. I want to be able to play an emulator or game in a waiting room with my 8Bitdo Zero controller for more than 5 minutes without it overheating. (To be fair, game boy advance runs fine, no overheating at all)

But then you sacrifice overall size for a bigger battery. I think and possibly they do to that size is more important plus they offer two options to extend your usage time. A compromise I am ok with because I have always gotten good battery life from my watches by turning off features not being used and using hibernation manager.


Specs are definitely appealing. LTE bands are geared to China, EU and India. Hopefully, this will change before production as I use my Prime as a stand alone.

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this is great deal, we are getting there thanks Kronos, i will order it, clear winners points; big screen,reflective display finally, the 12 o’clock camera and the front facing camera on the left side. nice


I kind of wanted this watch ASAP when I first saw it, but then I started thinking:

  • there is nothing new on this watch, the same ancient android 7, the same old processor, the same old bad ip67 waterproofing, reflective screen we have already seen on an android watch ( to be honest I have never had any problems seeing the amoled screen on any on my watches in the bright sun light ever) . the position of the side camera I could care less about, I wish they made a watch without a side camera as I can’t see the point of having one on the side, and the bulk the front camera is in is just ugly.
  • the “whole set” gimmick just doesn’t make any sense. who of us doesn’t have a bunch of ear pieces and power banks of various kinds at this point just lying around in the house?
    but alright, let’s get some more of those
  • I hear there was a bunch of software optimizations done on this watch, but I wasn’t able to find what was changed/tweaked/ optimized. anybody cares to share what was optimized?
  • I’d also very much like to know if you can receive a call when the “power mode/screen on” is activated

have a good day ladies and gentlemen