The Best Full Android SmartWatch is?

Dear members, i need an opinion.
Witch SmartWatch do you recomend that have the possibiliti to upload the faces for Full Android like the old wey, via computer. A SmartWatch that accepts faces for universal and stocklauncher. Do not need to many features, just space enoughf to upload undreds of faces.

At the moment, Kospet Optimus 2.

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Thank’s @pablo11

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I would recommend the Kospet Optimus 2. plenty of storage. big battery. recharging puck.


Totally agree :+1:

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It depends what you want to do with the smartwatch, besides changing faces (called dials by Chinese manufacturers). For instance, full smartwatch with all features of a standard smartphone, including sending and receiving calls, camera to scan QR-codes, etc. For that, the best one hands down is the following:

S12 Ultra 4G Android, Amoled Display TEST Review, Telescopic Camera 4/64GB SimCard WiFi+Lte S9-CDS9

I hate to disagree, but I can’t let this go uncommented. I tested this watch. Your enthusiasm for this watch only leads to the conclusion that it is your first Full Android watch ever. There are dozens of watches that are leagues better. Yes, even play in a different league.
I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy it.


Yeah, sorry mate but this product is trash.
Do you work for a promotional service or something?
Or never used it but like the look of it?
I know hundreds of people in this industry and you are the only person I know who thinks this is a good watch.

Its a gimmick ridden, unreliable device with absolutely terrible firmware and battery life.
Almost all the specifications in the advertising are fake to attract innocent first time buyers.
I have tried it, so no need to bullshit.

I strongly recommend that no one wastes their money on this.

Apart from that, it’s a great choice :joy:


@G1NT0N1C @pablo11 @Dr_Andy_Vishnu
I do think this is a good watch, the only problem for me is that the watch is too big, there is annother alternative ?
Thanks in advance

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Thanks to G1NT0N1C and pablo11 for their comments. I am not selling or promoting anything. I am just a user looking for a smartwatch for my needs. I meant that it is good for what I want. In other words, could you recommend other smartwatch that has these features?

  • Full Android.

  • Does all that can be done with standard Android phone, including true full standalone, including setup (no other device needed ever to use it), calls, etc. QR-code scanning should open standalone web browser to go to the encoded web URL.

  • Camera to scan QR-codes, video-calls, take pictures, etc.

  • Camera that is hidden (telescopic rotating) to take pictures in all directions and to prevent it from getting dirty with sweat, dust, etc. Not front camera which hides screen content.

  • Possibility to use Google Maps for guided spoken directions. So, you just say where you want to go walking, by bus or whatever and it answers by voice and showing map.

  • Last but not least, square or rectangular form factor (not circular) to show as much as possible in the screen.

I know that it is a cheap Chinese smartwatch (about 100 USD) and you get what you pay for. You might be surprised, but I would not mind paying 1,000 USD for the Apple Watch if it had all such features. But it is not standalone (requires iPhone to setup and for other functions). I do NOT have nor want a standard large smartphone. And does not have camera.

What I want is a full smartphone the size of a smartwatch to free my hands and mind. You always carry it in your wrist and you forget about it. It is not obtrusive as the standard smartphones are and it is much harder to lose because you wear it.

Obviously, its screen is smaller than the one of a standard smartphone, but it is fantastic. Actually, it is not just a smartwatch; it is much more than that: it is a true full standalone smartphone reduced in size to the one of a watch, And that is what I want.

The only one that I have been able to find and test with such features was the one that I indicated. I will be most pleased to know about similar smartwatches with all the features indicated above. Price is not a problem. As far as I know, that is the only one available so far, and was released last summer in 2023.

Thanks again and congratulations for this great site!!!


In fact, it’s the only smartwatch I know that has a 360-degree camera. However, this unique selling point does not make it a purchase recommendation. The opposite is true, as moving cameras usually break quickly.


@G1NT0N1C @Dr_Andy_Vishnu @pablo11
Regarding all information you guys have, witch one you recomend I should buy;
Lokmat APPLLP 4 Pro
Lemfo LEM16
Kospet optimus 2

Thanks for all the help in this matter


I think the first two are basically the same watch.
My LEM 16 is a good one.
I really like the OPTIMUS 2. especially when I run the FAW international firmware on it.


Kospet Optimus pro. Agree.

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Kospet optimus pro


@G1NT0N1C to be honest I am trying to find out a Watch that allows me to text the full android watch faces i made with stocklaucher and universal launcher( well, I want to re-start my contribution to this forum, my old Lemfo LM5 died)
Those 3 watches are quite expensives… for what I need to do with them.
So, is there any other watch less expensive that you can recomend that allows me to do watt I realy need.

Thanks for your time

I have send you a PM.


I hope it’s okay if I capture this thread for a moment… What even are the main differences between the Kospet Optimus 2 (or also the pro, since you mentioned it here), and the Z40? Apart from the flippable cam and Android 10 vs. 11…

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The main difference is the chip used. A Spreadtrum chip is used in the Z40 models. The Kospet Optimus pro uses an MTK chip.

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You can try searching for a Z28 or a Z32.
These are unbranded models sold directly from the factory outlets.
They are older, but they were both originally sold by lemfo or similar brand.
Only problem doing this is that warranty will probably not exist.
So no going back if you have issues.

There is also the LEM P.
If you can find it.

Unfortunately, this is why there are not many new models these days.
The brands think that they are too expensive and that people will not buy them.
A rule of thumb would be - if you can find a support thread for it here - it would be ok.
Have a look at some cheaper Lokmat products and if you have doubts, please ask us and tag me (because I know all the factory code names) . Just in case the guys are not sure - but mostly, they will know.


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