The Best Full Android SmartWatch is?

Hi everyone, I have two LEM15 (2021) , of course old smartwatches … but they work perfectly… Goggle services mail, agenda, sports applications, music, deezer, … and I use them for my jogging with Bluetooth ears, each and every week with the constraint to take care of too much sweat…


Yep, thanks.
I agree. Only problem is finding one for sale now.
Might be tricky.

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@Sergio256 do want to sale one?

Thanks for your answer , but I use both , good luck in finding one which fills your needs

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got to be the HK one ultra, specs wise it looks a beast, pity about the camera though

Sorry, but it’s not the best one. Has you already tested it??? It’s not even good.

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Do you have any recommendation for square face LTE (either e-sim or regular SIM) watch? I like the size and spec of 1.99” TK01, however i cannot find a producer webpage, dont know how much of real time battery life i will be getting, and what kind of app compatibility i may expect. I need all most popular communicators (Zoom, Messanger, Whatsapp, also Signal and Element) to work fine. What do you think?

What carrier are you with, and where are you located geographically?
The reason why I ask is many carriers have custom configuration files required to be built in to the firmware of any device that will be using their VOLTE service.
Also many certifications are required.
These details are verified by the carrier as soon as the connection is made to their network.

For example, where I live, the two main carriers - Telstra and Optus do not allow connection to volte for most devices. In fact very few BYO devices indeed :slightly_frowning_face:

It’s not just watches. It’s any device not sold by the carrier.
Certified manufacturers can get these configurations.
However, almost all Chinese devices of any kind do not have these requirements and so cannot access volte.

The device will work fine on 4G, but will default to 3G for voice calls.
LTE data for Web browsing etc, can be used without too much trouble, but not volte.

I believe using an app like Whatsapp for making calls over data network might be possible, but no cellular.

The other thing I would say is that this model is over two years old now.
Maybe worth watching the market for a while to see what comes along.
I also noticed that the advertising says its Android 10.
It is Android 9.
Basically an e-commerce company has just taken a lot of unsold stock and is trying to sell it anyway they can.


that’s interesting, and i don’t know if it’s connected or not but i’ve been looking at several e-sim watches recently, huawei, xiaomi, etc, and they all seem to tie their watches into particular carriers in each country, and there was me thinking an e-sim is an e-sim is an e-sim !

also, none of them have camera’s, so can never be a smartphone replacement, (as far as i’m concerned anyway) never mind if their running a proprietary OS, and won’t have access to google maps etc, hence my current interest in the SL8541E chip watch’s, which seem to be the only new full android watches coming out recently!

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Thank you for your answer. If not ZK01, what watch you recommend for totally replacing my current smartphone? Zoom and other video chat messangers working on cellular network (4G minimum, LTE preferable) is a must. Due to problems with e-sim you described (country Poland, carrier Play) regular Sim is preferable. Ability to install apps from regular Android Play Store also a must (I want to avoid Wear OS because most of apps I have to use for work is unavailable). GPS is a must. Form factor (square, round, other), Android version (9,10,11), battery life of lesser importance. I do not like moving camera on Optimus 2, also afraid of screen real estate - i have seen screenshots in which square elements are squeezed to fit within the circle…

Call me retro or romantic but I always miss my H5 Microwear
It still works although the battery lasts a day, the strap was cut and she was carrying the antenna unfortunately. But I still consider it very comfortable And the perfect size
Absolutely discontinued :frowning: