Stock Rom for Allcall Awatch GT

Hello everyone,
I just bought an Allcall Awatch GT. I love it. But I need the stock rom in case I mess it up:-). I emailed Allcall, no one replied. There is no link to download it, as it is in other brands such as Lemfo. Does anyone know where to find this stock rom?

thank you,

I’m looking for the same thing… been searching for days and seems it’s not released…

Installed a 3rd party watch face not knowing it would harm my watch… hope someone can help.

Is this a full Android watch?
I didn’t think it was.

It run Android 7.1, it’s a clone of the kospet prime… I wonder if thats the issue

It is not a clone then.
It is a KingWear KC10.
There are Kospet and AllCall branded versions of this watch.
I just did not know it was called Awatch GT.

Is this 3gb+32gb or 2g + 16gb configuration?
I will pull the firmware from the server once you can confirm


All I have on the box is 4g LTE… I remember seeing that there was 7.5 GB used and 26gb available…other than that I have no clue.

Don’t worry,
I have found it.
I will upload it soon :+1:

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Allcall Awatch GT 3GB+32GB. It looks exactly the same as King wear KC10 and Kospet prime. It is supposed to have 1260 mah battery, the Accubattery app says so far about 800 mAh. The battery dimensions are 36 mm x 29 mm x 7.5 mm. There is no such battery in the market at that dimensions that has more than 1000 mah capacity. I did the Accubattery thing for Lemfo lem X with 900 mah battery it measured 650 mah. I think they are exaggerated.

Thank you Pablo. You are the best!

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Here it is.




Thank you! That is the one I have. I think the only one:-)

Can i up rom prime to watch GT?

Hey guys this stock rom is confirmed to work on my watch!


@BrokenWatch If you have this watch it will be ok, otherwise I would not post it. It is for the 3+32 version.

@Madichdon you can flash the Prime firmware on this watch.
The watch is exactly the same as the Prime but has a different brand name.
If you have any issues then you have the stock firmware here now so you have a backup

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I’m going to try and flash the prime rom to see if it works…I’ll report back

Thanks again

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Wow sure enough works flawlessly and imperial units to boot! It’s the same darn watch! Lol

So for anyone else looking for information on the AllCall Awatch GT perhaps fallow the main Kospet Prime thread for modding and firmware … that seems to be were all the innovation for this watch is at

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Ha ha ha, I seem to remember saying that it was the same watch :thinking:
Anyway, it’s the same hardware but AllCall don’t update their watches.
Luckily Kospet does and wants to improve customer experience.
So it all works out well in the end :grin:

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Thank you! MyScreen_2020-08-16-09-14-03 I depleted my supposed to be 1260 mAh battery to death, then I charged it to full. The Accubattery app says the capacity is only 850 mAh. I trust Accubattery. Because I charge and drain smart phone batteries outside and count the mAh and it gives similar results. Has anyone tried this?

It can’t be trusted unfortunately because it has no access to the real battery Information.
If you have root access you can get access to the battery Information for real.
You will probably need to charge and discharge a few times to get reliable information.

Unless AllCall used an 850mAh battery…
But I doubt it.

Rooted device and GSam battery monitor with the root plugin will give you accurate information as long as the app is excluded from the “background information cleaner” in the watch settings.