Smarttouch watch face 2 versions

i should have fixed the setting so you shouldn’t need to request access let me know if its working.

Glad everyone is enjoying the watchfaces.


could you help me I am a newbie, would like to dowload and install smartouch watch faces and I don’t know what to do. Your help would be very much appreciated thank you so much

There is A handful of ways to do it. If using a computer download the link to computer. Then extract the folder and plug in the watch change USB setting to mass storage and just drop it into the folder labeled clockskin

Another way Would be to share link with chrome to the watch and download link and use Google file explorer To Extract then move to clockskin folder


Hi . Download zipped clockskin file to your desktop on your Pc . Unzip the zipped clockskin file . Connect your watch to Pc with provided cable and open up file directory . Look for the clockskin folder and open it . Drag from your desktop the unzipped clockskin folded into this opened folder . Disconnect watch and re-boot . Your new clockskin will be in the list when you browse clockskins .

There are other ways to do this but this is a good start

Which model watch do you have @John_Baker…?

Fantastic Watch face!..but I can only get two of the apps to launch on my Optimus 2.: (Messaging and Google maps ) the rest appear dormant…any ideas please?

Have a look at this post:
-A short how-to about arraytype 100


OK…Thank you