Smart watch. Samsung. gear. S

Hello. Does anyone know how to do WhatsApp. Telegram.World Hour.Game. On Samsung watch.gear. S install. please guide me

Sorry. Samsung Gear isn’t a Full Android Watch, so we can’t help you and this forum is not for discussion of Gear watches.

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Well, all of this is actually possible. However, you will need to install Android 5.1.1 on the watch beforehand. However, @Dotsfar is right that this forum is not the right place to discuss this.

But have a look at XDA, you’ll find everything you need:
-[Tutorial] Installing Android 5.1.1 (CM12.1) on Samsung Gear S | XDA Forums


Hello. I could not. Full OS 5.1.1 OS file from XDA. For hours. gear. S. Samsung Download. please help

you’re welcome. Please. Complete Android file. 5.1.1 For installation instead of Tizen watchmaker. S. Send me. Send everything you need to change to Android. Thank you

Sorry, not my job. Everything you need you’ll find on xda.


Hello. I want gear watches. Convert my S to Android 5.1.1. But I can not get the extract I need from XDA. Find me, please help me how to download the required version

Is the extract needed to convert to Android 5.1.1 in the XDA image. You have to download from the first page. Please help

you can ask questions at XDA too, and someone there might be able to provide you with better answers

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@noidremained is right. This is not the right place for this.

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