Sleep as android (HR support in the future?)

Hi! I think this app deserves it’s own thread. All in all, I think it works great with my Allcall W1.

As with other sleep trackers that uses accelerometer for tracking I can’t 100% speak for it’s accuracy, but after trying it for some nights I get the impression that it’s fairly accurate (eg. the sleep curve do look alot different depending on how well I slept). It works straight out of the box, no extra settings/plugins is needed. Just install, strap on your watch, start tracking and go to sleep, and thats it. Navigating through the menus isn’t a struggle either (works best when screen is in “square-mode”).

Of course it’s debatable wether sleeptrackers that uses accelerometer to determine sleep cycles are accurate or not, but sleep as android has been around for a long time, and it’s probably the “best leading”, undoubtly the most feature-rich sleep tracking app for android as of today.

The downside would be the battery consumption, I can’t really recall how much but I think it went somewhere below 50% after one night. (i’ll give you an update after using it).

So if anyone have tried it, feel free to share your experience.

Another thing, and that’s actually the other reason for this thread is that sleep as android do support heart rate tracking for even better accuracy and awake detection. 

But it only supports devices like Android Wear, BT smart or other known brands of smartbands/watches like Garmin, Polar, Samsung etc.

But not for internal HR-sensors on standalone android OS (which our watches are running), which is annoying.

This shouldn’t be hard at all to implement. They even have their own wearable integration API which is fine for anyone to use for 3rd party bands/watches that aren’t supported yet.

If I had the skills, I could probably add this myself. The sensor is easily accessible through androids API. In a nutshell, you just ask the sensor for a value, it then activates and returns a value.

So please vote for this feature in the links below, and hopefully they will add it someday: (saw theres actually two of them, so its prob best to vote on both)

If they added this, it would truly be awesome!

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that is great thinking:)

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Yes please that would be great!

Hmm. I think I should be able to add this to HeartFit…

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HeartFit now supports Sleep as Android.

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I’ve been using sleep as android for a while now. works well on 7.1.1 and 10.7 watches. It will sync in your google calendar along with google fit if you want it to. only down side is the battery usage. I’ll try it tonight with recording running and tomorrow without just to see if there is a big difference

Thanks. This will fill another hole in with the built in heart sensors use.