Shortcut for Square Mode?

Has anyone found a way or created a shortcut that changes from round mode to square mode without needing to hold the power button down and press square/circle mode by pressing? I’ve looked through QuickShortcut Maker, Hidden Settings, and Nova Launcher Activities. Ideally, I’d like it on my home screen or to toggle with the use of ButtonMapper Pro as a remapped button. Thanks!

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Back Button Anywhere is an app on play store that puts a moveable icon on your screen. it can be set to open the power menu where the square/circle button is.

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That’s close to what I want, but I’m actually trying to circumvent the need to go to the power menu to access square mode. Some apps can find hidden shortcuts you can then place on your home screen. If there’s a hidden setting somewhere buried in the device I haven’t found it.

I have looked including inside the new FAW and cannot find this array 100

How do you find the arrays? do you actually go into the code looking for system calls?

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OK. That’s what I’m using. it’s a little quicker for me and I avoid putting wear on the buttons


Thanks. But I’ve already read the guides posted. works great for me. I was just curious how you found them?

In the guide it tells you that you find the array 100 touch info in package name viewer on your watch

He would like to know how we find new Arraytypes, I guess…


yes. exactly. I’m just curious.

So I’ve been using Tasker and here’s what I found:

Tasker - Create Task - Custom Setting - Global Setting
Task: Circle Mode
A1: Custom Setting [
Type: System
Name: watch_small_screen_stat
Value: =:=toggle=:= ]

Creating a new task in Tasker, and using the Custom Setting in Tasker seems to do the trick:


Wow, great find! This technique should be able to be adapted to implement a long wanted feature of many of us to set the default mode of each app individually.

Thanks! I’ve created two seperate tasks in Tasker one called,“Circle Mode” and “Square Mode”.

Now I’m working on making these tasks, individual apps using Tasker App Factory. The tasks work perfectly fine with Tasker but as a standalone apps, I can’t seem to get the right permissions that Tasker relies on to make it work. I believe it need the ability to “Allow Modify System Settings”.

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I’ll have to look into tasker

I use Smart Touch Pro and have the power button in the displayed list. So it only requires one push of the power button to turn on. Then you can access the power button and simply switch it to the desired function any time the watch is on, on any screen.

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How did you find that by the way? Maybe there are other system settings that could be useful…

Great idea, but still doesn’t work for me.
In my Tasker version I choose:
Create Profile - Event - System/Custom Settin
[Type: System - Name: watch_small_screen_stat - Value: =:=toggle=:=]
Up to here everything is clear.
Now I choose: New task / Name / New Action - and now the problem is: Which ACTION do I have to choose? (Without a action I can’t end the process and it was all for naught).
Thank you!

Since @rbowZ28 hasn’t answered yet, I’m asking if maybe someone else can help me to solve my problem.

Hi Ghosty, the action you want to define to perform the task is up to you. You can define the action to be when the screen is on, perform “task”. What I did is use the “event” action, when I open the “app” to perform a task, square mode, circle mode, etc. You can also create tasks without defining an action, and if you use Nova Launcher, I recommend the widget function to pin the task to your home screen. Having the task defined by an action will use more battery life.