Senbono air 1 smart watch

Hey I have a senbono air 1 anyone else has this watch just got mine and I am having a issue so much that they offer to send me a new one can anyone help right now I have a blank screen looks like the watch is bricked is there any firmware I can use to fix this

It’s a Android 9 watch. We don’t support it. Sorry, we can’t help you.

Ok can you tell me why you are not supporting android 9 and it’s using the same processor as the Lem14 can I use a totally different firmware like the lem 14 on it I am asking question to see how and where this full android watch limits are cause I see the same specs but different suppliers


It does not have an MTK SOC @jurorNo.9
So how is it the same as the LEM14?
I will have a look but I believe it will be a sprd SOC.

Most of theses A9 watches are unsupportable because:
a) we can’t get them so we don’t know anything about them.
b) we can’t get the firmware for them because they are a closed business (can’t talk to them)
c) sometimes these devices are made using old stock from factories that have already shut down and gone. They are still being sold but it’s impossible to find out about them.
d) we can only “advise” you to buy from a trusted brand that we can get firmware etc from…

Ultimately it’s up to you what you buy, but the experience from most people who have purchased these products is not good.
Adding watch faces not working, terrible battery life etc…
That’s why we can’t help people who decide to buy a solution that is not possible to support.

There are A9 Lokmat, Kospet and lemfo watches that we do support if you have a look on here. That’s because we can get the firmware and we can talk to the manufacturer.

There should be something coming from Kospet and lemfo soon…
Maybe by August…?