SBC XQ magisk module for android 10 watches (Based on LEMFO LEM14 1.7)

Update 1: Confirmed that working on Kospet PRIME 2 also. Thanks for test @gyuri

Warnning 1: Risks your own.
Warnning 2: It may or may not work for watches that is not LEMFO LEM14/Kospet PRIME 2.

SBC XQ High quality bluetooth codec for SBC audio devices.

SBC XQ has very simple concept. Higher bitrate, Better quality. These modules will increase your bluetooth SBC bitrate from 364 to 606, and perfome high quality audio for traditional SBC bluetooth audio receivers.

Currently tested on LEMFO LEM14 1.7 and Kospet PRIME 2 1.04. but It would work for generic android 10 watches that uses WiiWatch 2 UI in very high chance. You can test it on other watch if interested. There will be no harm since Magisk module does not modifiy system partition actually.

These modules will replace your bluetooth stack at all. So, If it is not work, your bluetooth will completely go off. In other word, Your default SBC bitrate has been updated successfully if everything is normal.

Possible Scenarios:

  1. Bluetooth not turn on, or completly blackout:
    Stack does not support your watch.
  2. Bluetooth turned on, connected SBC audio, but serious crackling, distort, silence is there:
    It may receiver side or bluetooth reception problem. Lower your bitrate or test on another bluetooth headset.
  3. Bluetooth turned on and everything is normal:
    Congrats. It is working.

SBC XQ for A10 Smartwatch 364kbps
SBC XQ for A10 Smartwatch 452kbps
SBC XQ for A10 Smartwatch 551kbps
SBC XQ for A10 Smartwatch 606kbps

Obviously, You can enable 1 module at a time.

Note1: My previous post will be updated for how to create android 10 SBC XQ patch. Sooner or later.
Note2: These modules can be enabled with apx-HD module simultaneously.
Note3: Please comment the result if You have applied the module to watch that is not LEMFO LEM14/Kospet PRIME 2.