SB rotating rings

Such nonsense … I wanted to see if I could set the hand to show the date. It’s working. Just don’t write that you can’t see it. Me neither. But when it worked, I added the rest …



It defines 5 touch fields that will not work for you and the archive contains an .XML file

Greatings Bohuslav_Balak!
After writing that how do you not want us to ask you?? :astonished:

“rotate 13 rotate
rotatemode 11 rotatemode”

It is evident that you are deciphering some secret of the universe!! :rofl: :rofl:

Thank you very much!

I see that Google can’t handle it here. He translated nonsense. I wrote so you don’t write that you can’t see the date, because it’s so small that I can’t see it either :slight_smile:
„Rotate 13 rotate
rotation mode 11 rotation mode "I did not understand the translation. I used “Angel span” to rotate. It’s just my attempt to learn something. I definitely didn’t invent anything new :slight_smile:

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Rotatemode 13 is used to display rotations with a definable starting point and a definable number of degrees. It works for:

  1. hour
  2. minute
  3. second
  4. month
  5. weekday
  6. battery
  7. 24 hours
  8. shadow hour
  9. shadow minute
  10. shadow sec
  11. monthday

…if I remember right…

It’s working on android 7 devices and higher.


does it have anything to do with this thing?

dvojitý táta



Vaše práce odhalila něco, o čem jsem nic nevěděl. Konkrétně **použití Angel Span k

does it have anything to do with this thing?

nastavení násobiče automatické rotace** .

V minulosti jsem se spoléhal na zveřejněný návod, který je nyní evidentně zastaralý . (Automatické otáčení: Mulrotate-Wert: 3 = 540 ° 2 = 360 ° 1 = 180 ° -2 = 90 ° -3 = 60 ° -4 = 45 -5 = 36 ° -6 = 30 ° Protože bohužel jsou pouze celá čísla přijat, možnosti jsou omezené.)


Well, mulrotate is not working on android 7 and higher. You have to use rotetemode instead of.

Ok, thank you both.
Didn’t know index 13

Thanks, I’ll take a look

one more question, is the red hand working properly? In WFD and in my Lemfo Lem 12 it works exactly. There is an error in the rotation of the days of the week but I have already fixed it. Here’s the bad version on the forum …

I can’t tell you because I didn’t downloaded it.

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Is rotetemode included with WFD beta?. If not, how does one access/use it?


It isn’t. You have to add it manualy in the xml.

I just tested and it is actually included in the 0.14.2 beta when you choose to design (and export) for “Enhanced Stock ClockSkin”. It also sounded like @Bohuslav_Balak only used WFD and didn’t do any manual changes to the xml


Wow, I didn’t noticed. Thanks for correcting my wrong statement. :handshake:


Yes, I only use WFD.

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