Save or Compromise? A little help plz

Hey Guys, As you can tell I’m new to the community.

I’ve been trying to choose a smartwatch for so long, bus since full android ones got better it’s getting harder to choose, however currently price is a limiting factor.

So my question is:

Which watch should I buy with a budget around 80 to 120$? Is it worth buying it now or should I just wait a little, try to save more and go for a more expensive one.

Anything with a full day battery life, no laggy UI and possibility of going always on without burning the screen (don’t even know if it happens to watches) is perfect for me, really not picky (yet)

Thanks folks :slight_smile:

Kospet Prime SE . Screen damage unlikely but unconfimed . If you like square Lemfo Lem10


What about the Zeblaze Thor 4 pro? Not a good pick? Cuz in terms of design and materials, at least from what I saw on the reviews, it’s a bit better than the kospet prime se

I had some of these zeblaze watches. All of them died early. The quality is bad. In my opinion.


Completely agree with @G1NT0N1C . Had three and all three very poor

Since you prefer full day battery life then I recommend LEM T, looks bigger on picture but perfect on my wrist. and got 3/32 version around USD 139 (total, with tax etc included). overbudget for your range but worth it especially if you want a standalone android watchphone.

Laggy UI? so far I am using FAW since omate TS (MT6572,512MB RAM. 2014) none of these exist. even if that happen you can just change the launcher.

as for always on display, per 2020 smartwatch it’s not really available except for kospet optimus. others are just leftovers from 2019 product afaik. and it’s will burn the display too in the long term since the aod features just stays there (like amoled phone status bar)

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Thanks for the recommendation guys, I’ll keep that in mind. However I’m afraid I’ll decide to save a bit more and get the latest Lemfo Lem 12.

Thanks also on the opinion on the Lem T,but I am sure it will be too big for me, besides the price seems to be a bit up now…

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Best advice coming from @Dr_Andy_Vishnu in getting a prime SE. Best bang for the buck. You can also get Lem10 16gb and some money that way. With a pulsebelt they work fine without using the quirky and “somewhat”
unreliable Hr monitor built in.

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Guys, got a difficult question.

Basic realised I have more money than I thought (doesn’t usually happen hehe) and I decided to get a watch with a little bit of a higher budget, but only if it is a huge improvement. Did some more research and found the options:

-Kospet Prime
-Kospet Optimus
-Lemfo Lem 12

As a good value for money thing I would also compromise and get the cheaper ones from the brand Finow, any thoughts about the brand?

Please guys, help me out, I’m mostly looking for something as said before but now since with a bigger budget (til 160$ let’s say) that doesn’t feel plasticky.

Thanks mates

Personally, i made the best experience with the Optimus Pro.
It has a slightly smaller form factor and the AMOLED display is way ahead compared to the IPS competition.

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Yes, the Optimus Pro is an excellent watch and the color representation of the AMOLED display is impressive.
If usability plays an important role, I would recommend the Kospet Prime, as it has a larger display. This is still my dayly driver and the processing quality is unmatched.


well, if you want to save and add around usd20 more then check this.better specs altogether.

i vote for optimus too, since prime have buttons problem, lem 12 have battery in the middle about capacity from the three, optimus backcase problem seems to be already addressed like lem t.

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I must admit that I was going to recommend this lem12 pro as well.
Extremely good value for money I think. Android 10 watch and same screen as the Prime.

I like the oled screens as well but they seem to be fading out of mainstream production. And to be honest I get extremely good battery life with the 1.6 Prime / LEM12 screen…


Try to get the Pro version.
Definitely worth the effort :+1:

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Thanks guys, made my decision, in 2-4 weeks I will have my Optimus pro. I ordered from AliExpress, any ideas how is it relatively to taxes? Is it always that we get taxed buying to EU or sometimes it slips by?

It really depends on how they post it…

I have never paid taxes to date from Aliexpress to the UK and always opted for the free shipping ( Not DHL ) . Good luck

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