Root & TWRP for Ticwris Max

I was wondering if anyone can help me to install TWRP and also root my Ticwris Max?
Any help would be most appreciated.

Also is anyone looking at creating Android 10 for this smartwatch?

Android 10? Yes, that’s a good idea that no one has yet come up with here. I have half an hour tomorrow, that should be enough.

Joking aside: None of these watches has ever got a new Android. This will not happen either. If a new Android version comes, then it comes with new watches.


Can I express my frustration on this?
Why on earth didn’t they make the effort to put Android 10 (or at least 9) on this wrist phone?
I was also hoping they do it, all hardware is there.

Not buying this, sorry.
Waiting for an android 10/11 wrist phone to happen. :slight_smile:

There is little point in posting the same complaint in different areas. Nobody forces you to buy an android 7.1 watch.
The truth is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to get new versions of Android on these watches. Because Google doesn’t really want to see them. However, the probability is high that there will eventually be full-android watches with a higher Android version. When will that be? I have no idea…
Which version will it be? Same answer.

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I completely agree that nobody forces me :slight_smile:

I would have appreciated more transparency from these manufacturers (to put it clear for buyers that they are paying for a non-safe device) and through your platform - where else :slight_smile: - maybe they listen and just make the effort to put at least android 9 updates on them. Why not? Increasingly difficult is not impossible.

Besides, it would be in their own interest as well.
Give people a safe reliable device and they’ll sell like hot cakes, even with double price.

At what point do you see a lack of transparency? The information about the Android versions used is freely available.
The idea behind the Fullandroid watches has always been to create an affordable alternative to the significantly more expensive Android wear watches.

Maybe you have a point, but when people buy a “smartwatch” they associate as working through their phones (that are generally more updated) - which is not the case.

And don’t get me wrong.
The concept of a bigger screen on wrist is great and beats any “smartwatch” in most aspects in my opinion. This is the future. We are “stuck” to phones anyway.

I want one. And I would pay double-triple usd without blinking on a full android 9/10 watch 2.8in - and I’m sure I’m not the only one :slight_smile:

Ebooks made it to Android 9 - smartwatches will (I hope) soon.

What I meant by lack of transparency - without any bad intention, just constructive criticism - is that they should make it more clear that this is not a “smartwatch” per se (not even working properly via another phone, according to most reviews), but it is an Android 7 phone that can be worn on a wrist.

I still love the concept!

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There is currently some effort going into creating a open source Kernel/ROM for the MT6739 smartwatches, there might be an Android 9+ available soon.
Personally, i see the full Android smartwatches more like clever designed embedded devices, with a (unfortunately) strong lack on the software side.

Finally, someone getting me :slight_smile:

Funny you should mention it because we have a section for it mainly aimed at apps recoveries and modifications with the Openwatch project.

But they never seem to have the time to update this and stay on their Telegram thread - which is understandable I guess.

The simple answer is in one word GOOGLE.
This was the only version of Android that still allowed un-certified devices to use Google apps.
It’s really that simple.

@Stickypinkyfinger and others patched boot and TWRP are in the OP here