Rollme s08 updates

Greetings. Will there be any more updates on this particular model? i only got one the day i recieved it. The lag is real, and they can solve it. But why dont they?

Flash back to version 1.2 . This works for me best . Thanks

will this process fix the lag? i really cant stand it anymore

Yes, it will solve your problem. The 1.2 vers. Is working smoothly.

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Agreed and lets not forget the watch faces with animation - touch etc work better with this firmware :+1:

@Dr_Andy_Vishnu About the animation: there is a fix for it. I published an tutorial about it…:wink::laughing:

:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: i know :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: but V1.2 doesnt need a fix

Can you tell me, where can I find a back cover of Rollme S08 as a spare part? Thanks in advance!

I bought my Rollme in August/2020 and so far, so good. But I am facing two issues that maybe they are correlated.
I can’t fix GPS satélites. I installed 2 softwares that can see more than 12 satellites but after 15 and I have tested until full baterry is gone, are not able to fix any of than. I did it in many places, including a place that have 360 view without any building around.

The other point I realized is that timezone data is not up to date. It appears the old time zone for São Paulo Brazil where we have DST setting that is not in use since the 2019 summer.

To have the right time, I changed the timezone to another city in Brazil that with DST correspond to my actual time zone, so clock time and the clock time for weather I use when I pull down the screen and go right until the end is correct. But, the time at the central clock when I pull left the clock skin with round icons is one hour in front and when I use the icon for weather it also report one hour in front.

I suppose that GPS, the clock at the center of the icons and the weather app at the app list is getting the time at other place.

Do there is any way to change TMZDATA file at my smartwatch without root it? Do this situation should be reported to Rollme Support Team to update it in an update to the firmware?

For instance I thank you for any suggestion and even to address my request to Roolme as I understood we have a good relationship with than.

Besides this, smartwatch is working like a charm and I recommend it.

Thank you and regards,

/Mauro Guglielmo Piccinini

Hi . We always recommend a factory reset after purchase before use ( have you done this ? ) . Hopefully it will resolve you GPS issue . What firmware are you on V1.2 or V1.4 . After updating to the latest firmware again a factory reset is required . No idea regarding the " TMZDATA " file ? Why would you want to do this .

Are the timezones normally a problem in your area

Hi Dr_Andy_Vishnu, thank you for your reply and apologize to take so long to see it.

I am using the V1.4. I applied the update November/2020 if I am not wrong. I didn´t factory reset my S08 when it arrived nor after update to the new version. I did factory reset two weeks ago as I supposed it will fix the GPS problem and it didn´t work.

About TZDATA (this is the correct name of the file) it is a file provided by IANA Org ( that contains all the time zones as well the start and end date of DST for each country that adopt DST. I believe this file is updated and delivered every year.

Brazil decided to avoid DST since the summer of 2019. Before this summer 2019 Time Zone for mobile phones as well other devices that use time zone was a big problem as the Government decide to make changes and the information were not released on time and mobile/devices providers some times updated the TZDATA with the changes of start and end DST. The result was that we had sometimes to make manual change on timezone to have the right time and date at our devices, computers and laptops.

When I received my S08 (in August) when I adjusted the time zone using automatic date and time provided by network and automatic time zone (at this time I was not using a simcard at my smartwatch), everything was fine. At this time I didn´t test my GPS to see fixed satellites.

Someday in October, I don´t remember exactly the day, I saw that my watch show me one hour in front of the correct time and realized that I had to change from automatic time zone and setup a timezone with DST-03.00 instead of the automatic time zone used that was DST-02.00. For clock the problem was solved.

At this time I realized that the app for weather that appear at the app list showed and still show the time considering DST-02.00 independent of the timezone I have changed to DST-03.00. The weather that we can see when we slide down the clock and slide to right to the end showed and show right now the DST-03.00. My conclusion is that one is using what I did set to DST-03.00 and the app is using the timezone the watch did set according to the TZDATA.

In fact I don´t need the new version of the TZDATA file mentioned before at the version 2020f provided by IANA ORG, but one update to the current V1.4 to use it instead of the one that show the wrong timezone for Brazil. Maybe this is not a problem to other regions as the start and end of DST is standard since many time ago.

This will fix the use of automatic time zone as well I suppose it should fix the GPS to fix satellites (maybe I am wrong about it as I never before tried to use GPS and I suppose that GPS is working as it shows the satellites and using the same app I can see those at my mobile phone).

So I appreciate if this situation should be evaluate by the Technical Team at RollMe to identify if this make sense or not.

Thank you very much for your questions and comments and opportunity to describe the problem I am facing and try to have some fix here that help me and others.

Best regards,


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if you are willing to root the watch or use twrp as recovery on it, you can replace the tzdata file yourself at /system/usr/share/zoneinfo/