RollMe S08 Mini-Review

I just received a Rollme S08.
It is a good watch and does everything it says it would, but…

The display has less contrast than the Kospet Optimus because it’s a different technology and also the response to touch is not as good. When scrolling it suddenly starts scrolling very fast and is unstoppable way past the item you were looking for.

It’s also really huge, which is no problem for me since I have big hands :wink:

At first I had problems with the docking station because the USB plug was to short to enter the socket in the frame properly, so I had to cut a tiny slice from the plug’s mantle to make the pin longer.

Having the choice again I would probably rather go for the Kospet Prime or the Kronos Genesis – it was waterproofing that made me buy this little goody here…


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