Rolex Day Date for Everyone

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Hi. I am Ricardo León and I installed the clockskin. The day of the week is not showing adequately, ie. Shows Wednesday when it’s Friday. Any way to fix it?

Buenos dias Ricardo - The watch works properly on the WFD program and my watches.What watch are you using?

P.S. I assume your watch registers the proper weekday with other faces, if not you will need to adjust settings for time and date…

Thank you very much Doubledad. I am using a Kospet Prime watch. And yes, on other watch faces the day of the week shows ok.

I’m afraid I can’ think of why this would happen. Perhaps @G1NT0N1C can help…

If I remember well, some stock launcher don’t count the weekday as others. You can try modifying the weekday XML resource file to put the last filename first, or the opposite…

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Brilliant! That’s the answer and I will ask @RLyond if he wishes to install the Universal Launcher. If not, I can modify the XML file.

Thank you Doubledad and Eric. I installed the new file (modified by Doubledad) and now the clockskin is……. WORKING PERFECTLY!!!
I really appreciate your help.

Me gusto! I’m assuming you’re Spanish speaking…

Yes, I am from Chile, South America. How did you guess?

El nombre Ricardo es un claro indicativo

Jajajaja Y tú hablas español según veo. Resulta que me equivoqué. Aún no me funcionó el día. Me sale Lunes y estoy en Martes. Gracias de nuevo.

Ricardo - I have made another change which I hope will solve the problem. Download this link, if it does not solve the problem, I suggest you install the universal launcher available on the Google Play Store.

Thank you very much Doubledad. I appreciate very much your help. Just one question: how is it that these new RL versions have such a smaller file, as compared to the original one? For instance, there’s an .xml file less… , a long one. Sorry for being such a nerd…

The revised versions use only the bare essentials, whereas the original includes many files need to make the final

Thank you very much. It hasn’t worked, though all your kind help! I just gave up.

Did you try installing the Universal Launcher available in the Play Store?

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It is no longer available on the playstore . It must be downloaded from this forum now .

Seems to still be there, Dr

I just downloaded it a week ago at