Rolex Day Date for Everyone

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Hi. I am Ricardo León and I installed the clockskin. The day of the week is not showing adequately, ie. Shows Wednesday when it’s Friday. Any way to fix it?

Buenos dias Ricardo - The watch works properly on the WFD program and my watches.What watch are you using?

P.S. I assume your watch registers the proper weekday with other faces, if not you will need to adjust settings for time and date…

Thank you very much Doubledad. I am using a Kospet Prime watch. And yes, on other watch faces the day of the week shows ok.

I’m afraid I can’ think of why this would happen. Perhaps @G1NT0N1C can help…

If I remember well, some stock launcher don’t count the weekday as others. You can try modifying the weekday XML resource file to put the last filename first, or the opposite…

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Brilliant! That’s the answer and I will ask @RLyond if he wishes to install the Universal Launcher. If not, I can modify the XML file.

Thank you Doubledad and Eric. I installed the new file (modified by Doubledad) and now the clockskin is……. WORKING PERFECTLY!!!
I really appreciate your help.

Me gusto! I’m assuming you’re Spanish speaking…

Yes, I am from Chile, South America. How did you guess?

El nombre Ricardo es un claro indicativo

Jajajaja Y tú hablas español según veo. Resulta que me equivoqué. Aún no me funcionó el día. Me sale Lunes y estoy en Martes. Gracias de nuevo.

Ricardo - I have made another change which I hope will solve the problem. Download this link, if it does not solve the problem, I suggest you install the universal launcher available on the Google Play Store.

Thank you very much Doubledad. I appreciate very much your help. Just one question: how is it that these new RL versions have such a smaller file, as compared to the original one? For instance, there’s an .xml file less… , a long one. Sorry for being such a nerd…

The revised versions use only the bare essentials, whereas the original includes many files need to make the final