Rogbid brave turns on and does not start

Hello friends, I would like your help. My brave rogbid turns on and won’t start, I already looked at the manufacturer’s website for drives and firmware and I couldn’t find it.

We don’t support this watch. But it is identical with the Rollme s08, so you can use this firmware also:
-S08 Firmware thread

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Hello friend, thank you very much for the solution! I did the whole procedure according to the tutorial twice and noticed that the bluetooth and wifi are not working properly; Bluetooth is failing and wifi too slow. But thank you very much for trying to help me.

Have you performed a factory reset after flashing the firmware? That might solve your problems.

Yes friend, I did the factory reset, even so the wifi is fine and the bluetooth is failing. I don’t know what to do but; I think only the original firmware to solve the problem. I thank you for trying to help me.

I don’t think that the original firmware will solve your problem. They aren’t different in this point. You know that you have to disable some apps from the battery saver?
Whatever, I will have a look for the original firmware.

ok friend, very grateful for helping me.

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I will upload the Rogbid version of the firmware.
Give me an hour or so :+1:


Very grateful for help me!

No worries,
Uploading now.

@dadu2017 here is the latest:


Friend thank you very much. I’ll do the procedure. When I’m done, I’ll tell you.

Friend the firmware you made available solved the problem. Thank you very much!


No problem.
Happy that we could help :+1:

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