Rogbid Brave Pro

This seems to be an exact replica of the Lemfo Lem14. So I’m clearly suspect of the stated specs.

Any chance for official forum support?

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Hello, @good4life , nice user of watch.

I bought it at AliExpress. As you know, Its same as LEM14. It was expensive. Its my regret but the watch is nice. Real spec is same as LEM14: 400x400IPS 1.6inch, 1100mAh (I measured by USB checker, I think 1100mAh is true as LEM14).

I have already did update the watch to firmwear of LEM14 (the firmwear is being in this community. Thanks developer!). So I have LEM14 now but It don’t have red button. There are no problem. but I don’t recommend the update. I wanted to reduce battery drain, but there is not different in these firmwear, I guess.


Yes I realize it’s the same as the Lem14, which is why I ask. It’s cheaper but if no support lesser price is not always best.


I purchased mine from TomTop for $165 with an extra band and charging bank. I plan on putting the LEM pro 14 firmware on it when the Universal one is available, hopefully soon.

I owned a LEM 12pro and after 4 months it stopped working. after 3 weeks of a lengthy conversation with LEMFO over Aliexpress messaging, they asked me to return the watch to China. I asked them to sell me a LEM 14 at a discounted price, they said sure, but I had to wait another 2 weeks until “they fixed their online site”. After 2 weeks, they messaged me again, they asked me to purchase the watch at full price and cancel the payment, then they will send me the discounted price for the watch. I decided not to move forward with the purchase and go with the Brave Pro…

Hi, i have a question hoping it s not a stupid one, is the Rogbid Brave Pro and all the Android 10 smartwatches not measuring blood pressure and Oxygen? Does anyone know if this would be improved soon or if there is a workaround?

if you want a watch that can measure blood pressure and blood oxygen you should buy an apple watch


After much consideration, I decided to get a LEM 12 Pro since the wonderful folks here are providing support. In fact, I received on Thursday last and immediately flashed with the FAW Android 10 firmware. What a pleasurable upgrade and I sincerely thank @Pablo11, @none, Wiiteer and all others that worked on this firmware for the hard work.

All future related comments with be in either the LEM 12 Pro or the FAW firmware threads.

Sorry but its a no to both questions


Thanks anyways

It is actually a work in progress in China to make this happen.
Unfortunately, due to terrible untrue advertising, the ones that have been mentioned already only have the heart rate sensor and gyroscope sensor activated.
So it is not possible at the moment.

But I know they are working on it.


Many thanks for your reply Pablo11 i heard about you a lot from Mr Ticks, i also thank you for replying in a respectful manner!

I really wonder why cheaper non Android chinese watches have those features ( even if not very accurate) and the Android ones do not, i will wait for them :grinning:

Thanks again

Well, that’s also a matter of debate.
A lot of these BT bands say they can do a lot of different things…
But are they just software tricks?

Most reliable feedback seems to point to the fact that they really cannot do what they say they do…

So I always work under the assumption that it is not real unless I can see that it is.