Rogbid Brave Pro

This seems to be an exact replica of the Lemfo Lem14. So I’m clearly suspect of the stated specs.

Any chance for official forum support?

Hello, @good4life , nice user of watch.

I bought it at AliExpress. As you know, Its same as LEM14. It was expensive. Its my regret but the watch is nice. Real spec is same as LEM14: 400x400IPS 1.6inch, 1100mAh (I measured by USB checker, I think 1100mAh is true as LEM14).

I have already did update the watch to firmwear of LEM14 (the firmwear is being in this community. Thanks developer!). So I have LEM14 now but It don’t have red button. There are no problem. but I don’t recommend the update. I wanted to reduce battery drain, but there is not different in these firmwear, I guess.


Yes I realize it’s the same as the Lem14, which is why I ask. It’s cheaper but if no support lesser price is not always best.