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Cristophe Claret Maestro Mamba


Download:-snake - Google Drive


Great work! The only thing that does not have enough volume on some of the details. And in general - Wonderful work !

Here’s how the original looks:

cant wait to see it on mt watch! Pozdr.

Excellent! It looks even better than I had hoped … Thanks!

@Casper_69 It is made using original picture. So a flat picture on the flat screen :joy:

Brilliant job!

@Jacek_Klodzinski Yes I understand. Do not you think, I did not mean anything bad, and neither did I want to offend you, it’s just that for my taste there is not enough volume, for example, a snake :slight_smile: Here’s how in the screenshot:
And I wrote above - What is your work Wonderful!
In any case, thank you for your efforts!

@Casper_69 I was watching all movies on YouTube and I saw all pictures. These pictures are taken not from a front of the watch. It is why depth of the mechanism is better.

On the flat screen we can simulate this depth only by shadows.

@Jacek_Klodzinski So I tried to simulate on your picture.
Just the image quality of the snake itself is not very clear, but agree, it does not look much more interesting?
After all, in the original watch is not just a snake picture, there is a real figurine inserted :slight_smile:


@Casper_69 You are right - it looks better. I think that a thing which can’t be improved isn’t well done :wink:

@Jacek_Klodzinski You did everything you could! Your work deserves respect!
Well and the rest is already trifles.
I think when you have the inspiration, you will do not only everything possible, but you will do the impossible too :slight_smile:

But in other hand - is this snake the main thing in this watch? I am always focused on the hands, time and other watch functionality - other things can make this watch not enough readable. Sometimes the background should be a little hidden to not disturb in time reading.

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@Casper_69 He, he. What can I say :slight_smile: Perhaps you are right :smiley:

@Jacek_Klodzinski Exactly, exactly, so it will be … ha ha ha :slight_smile:
I wish you more good ideas, and that inspiration never leaves you!
Good luck to you, and creative success!

@Jacek_Klodzinski The snake is not the main thing in this watch, but it is the main element of the decor.
Look, if we only have an image of a Swiss watch (which costs $ 100,000), without a Swiss mechanism, without precious stones, so then you have to make at least that visually they are identical with the original. So that a person looks, and said: “Wow, bro! You have a watch for $ 100,000, you’re cool!” :slight_smile:
Otherwise, then why are you all trying and copying the dials? Then you can make the most common, just numbers, just arrows, well, you can put the date. :slight_smile:

looks awesome on my h2 Dzieki!

@Jurgen_Oberst Nie ma za co. It’s nice you like it.

@Jacek_Klodzinski i was wondering how you did the date plate working on stock launcher looked into folder and everything was clear, easy and clever :slight_smile: i just make a personal version without glassefect. Greets!

@Jurgen_Oberst Yes - it’s easy - just two arrays - one used for tens of days and one for days.