Request by Antonio Garcia - The Citizen Windsurf WR100 Promaster C350 As usual made

Request by Antonio Garcia - The Citizen Windsurf WR100 Promaster C350

As usual made 100% in WFD.
(This one took me about 4 hours to make.)

Used the area on the upper left for a powerbar.
The area on the bottom right for day of month and day of week.
Also added a stepcounter.

Tested it on my KW88 and it looked good.




Have Fun!


It looks great, thank you!

@Igors_Kazanli English please

@luis_rosales no posts here about .watch files and watchmaker

Very nice :+1:t2:

Perfect copy

my smartwatch is the W1 wallcall. I have this problem. Would you help me?

@Emerson_Carvalho do you have wfd? If so u can easy fix it yourself the other option is Bert makes a suitable version for your series. Greets

@Jurgen_Oberst I do not have wfd. I’ll try to solve it here. Thank you!

That’s weird.
It looks fine on my KW88 and also in WFD, so it must be some issue with your android/watch. Not all watches are 100% the same i noticed.

Do you use Eric’s Launcher?
Maybe that can be the issue.
I do use that and more watchfaces work with that launcher.

@Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp even more strange is that the kw88 and AllCall W1 use the same base code for the watch face engine. Made by the same company using the same components…?

Mine is KW88 with stock launcher and does exactly the same. :frowning:

Solution is very simple u import the face into wfd then place the power indicator on the same spot where it’s on your picture above looks like you are saving it wit the indicator on the false spot but when u open on the watch everything is in right place and working. That’s how I make it when creating faces for my h2. Greets

same issues as pic(power meter in middle) thor with latest firm stock launcher

I’m going to look into the power issue.

I think i found it.

People with the power bar issue use the download link for stock launcher. (see first post up here)
That one should work.

@Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp thanks for the extra effort involved. I hope it is appreciated :+1::+1:

@Joao_Pinto Can you check the new version for stock launcher and tell me if it works now?

AWOME , CONGRATS @Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp

the battery bar is disturbing the hours