Replacement Bands for Lemfo Lemt

Is possible to purchase replacement bands for the lemfo lemt. If so where can these be purchased?

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I guess I’ll add my 2 cents worth here also.

In my own experience, and through research, I’m aware of 2 problems related to the bands on the original LEMFO LEM T mechanical design.

  1. The back cover of the plastic case cracks and breaks, due to the stiffness of the bands, fastening, unfastening, wearing of the device, flexing of the wrist or whatever. This usually happens first at the lower right corner when wearing the phone on the left wrist. I believe the corners of the case back cover have been Reinforced now. Originally, the vendors stated that the bands are not replaceable and it was the thought that the antennas for the phone were embedded in the bands. But this is not true. The bands only provide a protective cover for the antennas which are thin foil designs mounted on the sides of the back cover. These protective covers are needed. One person has used a 3D printer to fabricate replacement covers. I’m working on a replacement band design that uses stretchable Velcro to lessen the strain on the phone case.

  2. I’ve seen one report where the pins that hold the bands to the back cover are pulling through the plastics/rubber of the band and failing. In this case, replacement of just the bands might be all you need.

I’m not sure exactly which is happening in your case, but here is my experience with 2 vendors.
BANGOOD- Many many queries of many types, over several months have resulted in nothing for me. I guess some people have succeeded but for me ZERO, so I’m changing bang-goods name to BANGBAD.
ALIEXPRESS- A little better, but I’ve yet to receive anything. The first 2 replacement backs I ordered were shipped to Poland instead of USA?
The second set of 2 are lost somewhere in the maze. Aliexpress has a generic item in the LEMFO store for replacement parts. You have to tell them what you want in the notes section and I’ve yet to see it work, so good luck.

Best source for LEM T info is YouTube, search for LEM T.

Thanks for your reply!

My “back cover” problem has been solved by receiving a new back case… I was more lucky with banggood because they gave support. Slowly, but they did.
I’ll now try to find & order straps, because, as you mentioned, the pins that hold the bands are actually pulling to the rubber of the straps, so one day it will break.

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Who did you contact & how, at Banggood? I’ve had ZERO support from them.


Here we go

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