Possible fragility of the backside of the shell?

Hi guys,

I want to share this warning with you.

I have the Lem T for 5 days now, and all I can say is : it is an amazing piece of art.


I just noticed that, on the backside of the shell, near the 4 corners, between the screws and the slice, cracks appeared in the plastic ! It looks really bad, as you can see on this video I sent to the support of banggood.

Being a careful user, I don’t know what happened…
I hope to have a positive feedback from Banggood…

Conclusion : be very careful manipulating it and do not put pressure on the wrap towards the inside…


Please keep me posted on what happens.
This will be dealt with quickly I hope.
I have not seen anyone else with this problem.
One thing I can see that might cause this is if you put the watch in your pocket and pressure from the straps may have caused the bezel to crack away from the base.
In any case - I will let lemfo know and show them the video.
Can you send me a pm with the order number as proof of purchase please?


Just curious about something.
The 4 little screws that hold the cover on - are they still there and in place?

yes, they are still in place (I didnt manipulated them).

Thanks, I was just trying to understand how the screws are still in place but the bezel has separated from the base.

good question : I have no clue, given that I do not dare to look further / try to unscrew to check if the screw threads are damaged

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Yeah, it’s almost like the screw threads are stripped or the screws are actually missing.
After speaking to lemfo just now - I know they will make sure that this is dealt with properly.
But I can’t help wondering what has happened here?

I think it is obvious that some pressure on the strap caused the damage.
But, with my “daily casual use”, I don’t see when any excessive pressure could have been applied.
Just wearing the device daytime, putting it aside during night.

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the pressure with which you tie the watch to your arm …affects it i guess …keep it slightly lose …the chinese manufacturers i understand that they want to make a budget device … but should also maintain bare minimum quality … so that it can last longer …

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Hi guys, unfortunately it’s true, the backside of LemfoT is fragile !!
I received the smartwatch 15 days ago and, like sunpaladine, I also have problems.
After a few days of use the same defect as sunpaladine began, but, just yesterday, it broke (the backside was completely open on one side - IP67…??).
The problem is that the display is very large and the fixing screw area is too thin.
The simple movement of the wrist with the hand creates a push on the case of the smartwatch and is enough to break the four fixing points (I repeat, too thin).
The photos clearly demonstrate the defect.
I have already written to the lemfo team, but to date I have not yet received a reply.
I’m afraid this will be a chronic defect.
The four fixing points must be reinforced by increasing the thickness of the plastic.

Screenshot_20191009-084109_Gallery SmartSelect_20191008-105103_eBay


Since the smartwatch broke, opening it I found what I think is an anomaly.
The smartwatch is declared IP67, but there is no gasket on the backside perimeter.
The watertightness is simply made by overlapping the two elements (backside to metal case).
Honestly, this leaves me a bit lost.


the only one watch so far with no problem of this kind is the LemX because its not screw. i did own the Lem6 broke one of the lug,the zeblaze thor 4 pro the rear back case on one side where the screw is place broke suddenly get a replace part from zeblaze and the original screw didn’t fit and i have to use others ones from old watches. i use to have an old watch with metal back cover case and no problem removing and installing back,thats why i am so afraid to buy those lately watch with plastic back cover case

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My only issue is one of the Dual 33mm strap loops already broke

I would like to add to this thread unfortunately. When I saw above posts I thought I had better check my watch.
I can see cracks around 3 of the screw holes of the rear plastic housing.
I am in the process of reporting this issue to the LEMFO store on Aliexpress

Ok, everyone,
Please raise a case with whoever you purchased from.
This is now a serious problem.
I had already raised it with lemfo but was waiting for more information.
Now I have enough to work with…

Please send me a pm (each of you with the screen issue)
Include your email address, proof of purchase and where you purchased it from.
I will get to work on it immediately.


Ok guys.
Lemfo would like you to email them directly as well please.

This applies to all affected by the problem. Please do this. I have talked to them and they have read this thread as well.

Email address here



email address for buyers via Banggood?

I will ask but for now just send to the Aliexpress address. It’s their official store. Then you can say that you purchase from Banggood.

They told me that they know about you because you posted on their Facebook page?

Pablo, nope i didnt post anything on facebook.
So far, I just shared the problem here, and opened a case with banggood.

I have heard from Lemfo store guys this morning… yesterday they were suggesting sending the watch back for replacement. I queried as to whether the new item would not have the same problem.
The reply this morning is to send out a new back cover.

I like this idea as I will not lose the watch for at least a couple of months.

Is it possible to replace the cover just on its own…? What about the band antenna connections and how to remove band from the back cover?
Would it not be better to send a complete band and back cover complete?

Thoughts please?