Released: [Round/Rectangular/Square] Integrated Google Assistant face

As requested by @Hemang_Sharma [clockskin format]
Tap on the Google Assistant logo to launch the assistant. You need to install google assistant from play store obviously :slight_smile:

If there’s interest to enlarge the digits, I might be able to update the clockskin.




Fantastic work mate . I’m finding this method very addictive :wink:


On my Lem 10 I went to the PS and tried to install Google Assistant and got the message that “this device is not compatible with this version.” ? Any suggestions.

Still like the watchface though.

did you update play services and google play store? I got play store v. 17.0.12

My Play Store app is version 8.7.10, Services App is 14.7.99. I updated the watch today and only Google app required an update. I wonder if it is because I have the 16/1 watch?

I was initially using the Play Store on my computer to install the app and it was where I initially got the “device not compatible” message and it was grayed out. I installed the app from the watch “Play Store” app but when I select it on the screen it says, “The Google Assistant isn’t available on this device.”

Try this . It might not work ?

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I still think he should update google play and services.

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Agreed :wink:

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So I downloaded an update to Play Services (19.4.20) and Play Store (17.0.12) and loaded them into the Apps folder I have on my watch. I installed them first in my Lem 7 first to make sure all is compatible. No problems.
When I tried to install them in my Lem 10, after the staging is complete, when the message comes up asking, “Do you want to install an update…” it takes up the whole screen and I cannot access the “Next” button to go to install? Its just gonna fight me all the way. Suggestions?

@Jonathan_Bickel Did you press on the google play version number (inside its settings page) to start the google play automatic update process? You know, you can google all of this and save yourself headaches :slight_smile:

After it says play store will update give it some time before it actually gets updated.

To update google services, just download some 3rd party service updater from Google play… it’ll check and redirect you back to Google play and Google service update

or you can go into settings, uninstall application, google play services, then scroll down and press “app details”, then you are taken to the page in google play where you can update the play services.

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I like the simple elegance of this skin. Any chance of getting a small weather icon, either the temperature and/or picture of the weather? A couple of the downloadable skins have this feature and it’d complete all the data I need on one screen. :slight_smile:

@jayinatlanta wait a minute… are you trying to tell me that some skins have weather and temp??? :open_mouth:

in all seriousness, I have a few downloadable skins here for the LEM10 all including all available functions, such as temp, moon phase, weather icons, calories, distance, and different tap actions. Somehow you might have missed them all. This skin has assistant integration; tap logo ask it for the forecast

Weather and temperature? I can’t believe this unbelivable news!:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yeah, I know, I actually use your green one that has it as my primary face, in addition to multiple others. I was just saying this one is even more simple and has the assistant button, so a “clear” or “cloudy” logo right below the steps would be icing on the cake but still simplistic.

as requested via PM @treffmeister, I found a copy and updated the link.

inside the folder, edit the last part of the clock_skin.xml and make changes if the assistant logo doesn’t work as intended. Make sure you have google assistant installed before asking for help.


Cool. Thankyou


Good news! Thanks for updating the link.

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no problem ladies! xD


Thanks very much!!! Greatly appreciate it.