Released: [LEM10/Rect] Animated NeonGreen & NeonOrange Sport (2 colors)

Releasing this new sport clockin for stocklauncher. All graphics and animations created by me.
clock_skin_model LEM10 orangesport

Has date, steps, calories, distance, battery, heart rate, custom weather icons, temp, animated background, tap zones and more.

Tap weather icon bottom right for update weather
Tap upper right battery for battery settings
Tap seconds to launch clock, timer, alarm and chrono functions
Tap Steps Man in the left bottom corner to launch MyRunningApp
Tap center for Google Assistant



Thanks to @G1NT0N1C for assistance with WFD



Great work as always :+1: . Top job


Also I’d like to thank @G1NT0N1C for his help with an issue with WFD.

@carlton_86 got your wish


It was a pleasure to help. :wink:


Awesome Job, Seriously Love these watch faces and even your watch Bandsđź‘Ś

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22mm quick release straps. Couldn’t find 24mm options. Also, wish app was my only option to get them


Wow :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

Have you tried Amazon? They have tons of watchbands available like these.

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Thank you. I think there’s issues with Amazon and Sweden. I’ll look into it… Good find

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can it be installed on lemfo lem 11?

Yes, that’s possible.

Hello. Thank you! Yes Ali has many great items, but only wish has made agreements with the Swedish postal services.

Also, I really like the quick release straps

Title says lem10/rectangular so if your watch is rectangular… nuff’ said

you can still buy them from aliexpress even though they haven’t made a deal with postnord. If you were to order one from the link in the middle for $8.55 and free shipping, you would end up paying $19.24 in total, so I can see why you wouldn’t want to, but it is possible

Yeah specially when you want to buy multiple items they stack up the fees

Can anyone help me to install it on my lem10. I sent the zip-file to the watch, klicked it, but nothing happened!

Try this

Alterntaively unzip on pc . Connect watch to pc and select data transfer on watch . Open clocksin folder and drag and drop file into clockskin folder

Reboot watch !

Watch this


Thanks a lot, nice background!

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