Rectangular Watchface request TicWris Max/Lemfo Lem T

Hello, Im looking for a possible Star Wars themed watchface for the TicWris Max/Lemfo Lem T.
I haven’t found anything that really fits these watches especially landscaped and full screened. Also, Im a 12.5 year 100% Disabled US Navy Vet. Requesting possible for someone to build a Navy themed watchface using pictures of my first ship the USS YORKTOWN CG-48. I would be able to provide pictures for the theme is this is a possible request. I do understand that this can take a lot of work and would be willing to donate what I can. It would mean a lot to an old sailor. Anyway, if anyone is will let me know or maybe already have something in the works that would work to. I know there is only so much that can be put onto the watch. Thanks in advance and waiting for any response.

For my DM100, press the watch face for two seconds, there are few watch faces to choose. There are also a setting symbol, press the setting will get Camera or Gallery. If you copied the photo of your USS YORKTOWN CG-48 to your watch, you will then find it inside the gallery and choose it as your watch face. There are digital hours, minutes and date,day also shown on the watch face, except no seconds.
But I am not sure wether your TicWris/Lemfo Lem T will have the same feature.
Good Luck.