Rectangular vs Round Form Factor: which is better?

So I feel like this is a basic question that must have been covered before, but I looked through the forum back to Dec 2018 and couldn’t find a dedicate thread on it. Too be transparent, I have never owned a FAW, but am in the market. Taking @pablo11’s advice to do my research (which is part of what this is). My question is pretty straight forward, but I suspect not simple to answer. . . . Which form factor is better in your experience, rectangular or round?

Some considerations that strike me include:

  • Rectangular: suspect that from some a rectangular watch is not as attractive as a round one, but seems like it may be more functional. In your experience, does (should?) the utility of not having to switch back and forth between round and square screen layouts override aesthetic considerations?
  • Round: provides a classic watch look and you can switch to a smaller square format when needed, but is this as a value-added feature or a hassle? Do you have to switch formats often? Does the square format always work?

I am really waffling as to which form factor to run with (hence my user name). Look forward to your views!

Hi there, I am not an expert at all, but based on my personal experience I would say this. I have owned a rectangular smart watch (not FAW) before I bought my round FAW a few months ago. I have the option on my round watch to set some of the apps, like WhatsApp, to square mode and don’t have to switch between round and square again. This makes life easier and is a convenient function on my watch. Based on my experience up to now, I would stick to the round watch, it is more comfortable to wear and to me it looks much better than the rectangular or square watches available on the market

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Hello. I have both and wear my Lem10 most of the time. I find the square watch just works better as I say, in a square world. It negates the requriement to switch to the SQ mode for complete access to many apps.

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@Ranger - I agree that (to me at least) that round watches generally look better. And it is cool that you have the option to set some of the apps to square, but given that (typically) the biggest round screen is 1.6 inch, I am imagining the square screen layout is quite small and condensed with info. Do you find the small square layout usable? Do all the controls fit?

@Jonathan_Bickel -This is what I was thinking. That a rectangular screen would make interacting with the apps easier. I also like larger sized rectangular watches like the DM101 models, but it also raises the question of overall size. At what point is a watch too big? I want to ensure my watch fits comfortably, for example, under a long sleeve dress shirt.

For example the Lem 10 is 17/8" high by 1 1/2" wide. I have a smaller wrist and it fits well. It is an older watch running Android 7 but I have been wearing it for over 2 years now and have no issues with it. The DM101 is considerably larger and for me would be considered large for a watch.

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@Squircle - I have a 1.6-inch round watch. The square layout is small, yes, but I can still manage to read and reply to messages on WhatsApp if the need arises. I only use the watch to check up on messages, and if any urgent issues, I would then go to my phone to deal with that. To me it all comes down to personal preference and how it feels on the wrist and if you like the look it presents. The square or rectangular watch doesn’t appeal to me as much as the “old school” round watch. Unfortunately, it can be costly to try out everyone to see which is the one for you.

I too like the traditional look of a round watch, but want to be able to use the watch as a replacement for my phone. If that is my planned usage, it sounds like the square screen on a 1.6 inch round watch is workable, but perhaps not optimal.

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@ranger (views from others also welcome) wondering what percentage of time you estimate you spend in square vs round mode on your round FAW?

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@Squircle, on my FAW I have the option to set certain apps to square and I don’t have to adjust back to round again on those apps. The main face of my watch is still round. To answer your question, I spend about maybe 5% on the square setting. I have two options on my watch, one is full 4G mode and the other is battery saver mode where I then do not have access to mobile network. Most of the time my watch is set to the battery saver mode as it consumes a lot of battery power in 4G mode, and the battery don’t last a day then. The only time I then use 4G mode is to check for messages quickly when I can’t use my phone in the open, like in a meeting or something like that. It will then update messages and I can then see what is important and what not. Hope you get your answers you are looking for.

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Hi Squircel,
let me also quickly give you my experience from the last 5 years or so. I’ve started sqare, and it was a problem for me as I wear them a bit loose. the the top right corner always left deep marks in my left hand. It was maybe a design failure. So I switched to round, two Samsungs and than two kospets. Since more than a year It’s the Kosp[et Prime 2 “The mammut” . And I’m happy with it. How often do I swich to square mode? Only when I do file transfer, to watch. Than the copy button isn’t visible. But thats only twice a month, everything else is pretty fine on a round face. even YouTube on a round is nice.
But that’s my personal expereince. Just wanted to share that with you.

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Thanks so much for sharing your insights. That is really interesting and kind of negates my concern about having to switch back and forth between round and square screen formats. I have actually been looking really closely at the Prime 2 as I like the specs and the big screen for navigation (same reason I like the DM101, which has a large but rectangular screen). I figure the Prime 2 is so large that the screen is still a good size even in square mode. My only concern is that it is so big it will look like a toy on my wrist and not fit under shirt sleeves. What had your experience been in this regard?

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No need to think about. The Kospet Prime 2 isn’t available any longer. Sorry.

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Right, so there is that. Well actually, seems like it is available on Alibaba if you are up for a min purchase of 3000 units :joy:

You’re right, Squircle, some people have asked me: is it a church tower watch? But I could reply, that it’s a top notch phone, with better specs than most others currently have. And they were impressed.So much power in such a “small” body. Long sleeves is a problem, when I’m riding my bike, it’s not possible to come into the jacket, so I use my Samsung Gears S3. But the summer is around the corner and I’m staying in Namibia, so it’s t-shirt time. And I’m happy to always have a full phone as spare with me, which my Samsung isn’t. Conclusion: dosn’t matter which way you go, there will always be a compromise, and finally the usage you are planning. Is a main phone, or spare? Is it your main screen for CNN news? When I’m sitting with my guys together I just get a notification, what happend somewhere in the world, and I decide to open the app or keep it in mind for later at home. It’s really all about the usage you plan.
I which you a wise decision.
And keep us informed please :wink:

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@G1NTON1C - and I do appreciate the info/advice, but not quite ready to drop it as a candidate. As they say, where there is a will there is a way.

Fair enough. Maybe you’ll be lucky and find a used copy. Maybe you’ll be even luckier and it even works…
It is no longer being manufactured and stocks have been used up. If someone claims that they can sell 3000 more, then it is most likely a scam.


@G1NT0N1C - do you know how long ago they stopped manufacturing them?

2021, I guess.

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I believe a square or rectangular FAW is better IMO. My Optimus 2 is too small to be fully functional with most Play Store apps I like to use. Display is too small or doesn’t fit in the screen even in square mode.
I am personally Waiting for a square watch with an an updated android system to renew my watch. I would seriously consider a form factor watch such as the the lem 10 or bigger. I believe apps are not made to be used on round devices.