[RECOVERY] TWRP for Thor 4


This is just a post to tell you that we already have TWRP for the Thor 4. With it you can root the device and do whatever you want.

I started developing for the LEM7, so the main thread to download the recovery is found in that sub-forum.

Here it is: /thread/2468/guide-recovery-lem7-thor-touch

Have a nice day

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Hi could you please repost the link to the topic, many thanks :blush:

You want the link to the twrp for Thor 4?

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Many thanks for that, hope it works in the Thor 4 Plus? :+1:t2:

I assumed you asked for the Thor 4 (not the plus version)
Unfortunately the link above is for mt6737 watches whereas the Thor 4 plus has a mt6739 I believe
So it won’t work