Recommendation for a real time translation app

I’m looking for an Android smartwatch app that will allow speech audio input and translate it with almost simultaneous audio output that allows for smooth communication.

Google Translate does that, but you need to check whether it works on the watch, it will eventually, I understand.

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I have Google translate on my genesis. Works fine :v:


I’m not a big fan of Google anymore. Any alternatives that works well on a smart watch?

Translate voice - Translator (Talkao) sees fairly good.


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll test them out on the Smartwatch and share what I learn.

I apologize if this question seems novice but is there a way to program a trigger action or button to quickly activate the AI’s command function?

The app “Button mapper” can do it.

And you can program a touch field into every watchface available (Clockskin). Some of them already have a field for starting Google Assistant.
Have a look at “arraytype 100” with that you can add touch fields to your watchfaces. It’s a small change of adding some lines to the XML of the watchface.

“Hey Google” - enabled in the Google app

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