Reboot loop on Kospet Hope

Congrats, you’ve done it. Now charge your watch and then let us pray that your problemsare solved. By the way: No factory reset needed in this case.

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Cheers buddy! I will keep you informed

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Yes I should have mentioned it before.
Firmware Upgrade option in the flash tool is needed for a situation like this.
It clears old (possibly corrupted) data and system files…
Very glad you are sorted out now…
Will you please let Kospet know if you have emailed them.?

Thanks. I will let Kospet know. However I have now been encountering “device not recognised” issue. I have tried all the windows troubleshooting, cleaning contacts and repositioning watch/dock. Its like the connection is there between the ‘object’ and computer but it doesn’t know what is connected to it. Shall I assume that my charger/cells have deteriorated as suggested by another member on my original post? Overheating Kospet Prime 4G - #15 by Alvaro28
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This watch does get warm though but remains at 0 charge…

Ok, this is what I feared. I don’t think we can save the watch. We have now tried everything. You should contact Kospet now as @pablo11 suggested.

I agree.
However a couple of points to consider.
@wmchikwanha This model has been out of production for a while now.
This is a 3 + 32gb Prime right ?
How long ago did you buy the watch?

If you are technically minded then you can remove the rear cover and disconnect the battery for a few seconds and then reconnect.
This generally unlocks the Pre-Loader and then you should be able to flash again.

Do you happen to know the details of the original firmware that was on the watch when you got it?

This is very important because it is unusual for the device to become unrecognisable unless the firmware you flashed is not quite right.

I believe that if you have proof of purchase which shows that you purchased the watch less than 12 months ago - it may be better to ask for a refund or a newer model - even if you have to contribute towards the cost of the newer device.

3 + 32 gb bought Feb 2020 from Aliexpress. No details of the original firmware. I have only ever flashed once ie yesterday with the firmware this group gave me on this thread.
I can open to disconnect the battery and do the simple stuff.
Its been more than 12 months so I guess I am pretty much stuffed on the refund issue.

Ok yes, more than 12 months is past compensation unfortunately.
So I believe that trying to carefully try the battery disconnect and checking connections etc is best.

To be honest I suspect that a new device is on the cards…

Last hope salon is open this and disconnect battery and connect

I have been in touch with kospet and they say its best to get it repaired. I like the Prime 2 though. Thanks a lot for your time!