Ready working clickable faces for Kospet Optimus 2

Good evening, is there any working clickable watch face for optimus 2 ? I installed some nice faces but only few bottons were functional. I modified and fixed the camera link using App inspector, but only that one. Any ready working faces for Optimus 2?
Thank you

The best way is , is to modify them yourself . Many different watches now and some where designed for A7.1.1

thank you very much, i will try modifying a simple watch face.


I fixed some clickable links, exept the phone app. All data should be correct, but the application does not work.


any idea? Thank you

Did you use package name viewer on watch ( not phone ) ? If so the info should be correct

Good afternoon,
yes, i confirm, i do use package viewer on my optimus 2, because i successfully fixed others bottons, except the phone. I now think that the link is correct but the clickable area is not active, but i am not sure and i don’t know how to check it. I checked if the coordinates x and y were correct, but it is difficoult. Anyway i will continue trying. If anyone has any idea let me know, please.

you can easily check that by putting it in the place of one of the buttons you have already fixed. for example if you have fixed the button for whatsapp, you replace the <cls> and <pkg> for whatsapp with the ones from the dialer


thank you very much, i will try

Did you solve this issue? I have the same problem with the Phone touch zone and some others …the information delivered via package viewer and app inspector are sometimes different depending on the apps, all my dowloaded apps from the playstore have no problem with the touch zones, the apps which do not work are apps delivered with the stock firmware

Hi, i am still searching a solution for this. Some package viewer say different info. Some say “null” . I will try different apps for package viewer and try again. I will let you know.

Hi, info got from Pablo11,this problem is well known
’’ This is because they are custom built apps from the solution provider.
They are not going to have the usual properties.
All the watches running stock firmware are the same.’’

godd evening again, i am still having no link for phone stock application. First i tryed to change the application with a working one, and it works. Then i downloaded a dialer app from the store, wrote the link of package name and class in the clock skin text, and no results again. It seems that any phone app does not work…why? Any solution for this? I also have a question; some app have “null” in class name, what does it mean? Thanks