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I am placing some stuff here that has no place in the usual threads

hi my friends could tou please what is the last update of ticwris maxs ?
and foes it support bluetooth call and listening music properly?thank you

Read this

And sorry but bluetooth call not available


The firmware is at the top of this thread.
There is no A10 version apart from the FAW beta version.
As said above, there is no BT calling and never has been.

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thank you andy
i want to buy this kospet ticwris max s today as pablo suggested me before
just one seller exists found in aliexpress says supports B-call ,how is it possible?are you sure? how you calling and listening to music at this moment?

and what is the latest android version for it? somuch

The reason is that he is not telling the truth…

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As the Doc already told you, the newest Android Version vor this watch is A10.


I believe there is a misunderstanding. The so-called “Bluetooth calling” means that you can accept calls on the watch that come into the phone without a SIM card being installed on the watch. This is no longer possible since Android 7.
However, Bluetooth is available for using headphones, for example.
Making calls also works without any problems, both via the watch’s speakers and headphones. At least if a SIM is installed.


yes exactly i meant that true thank you

i called the kospet company today they don’t product this says that old
they suggested Optimus 2

and i see note models are new and like ticwris
is that models are good like ticwris?

remember kindly i am. trader and most use for.monitor chart widget in desktop live
what’s your idea my friends?
thank you so much

There is no Android 10 version for this watch on the market…
Only Android 7.

You are wrong. Thereis a A10 FAW version for this watch available.

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Where ? Have you a link to buy ?

No, this is our own firmware.

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You beat me! :wink:


Ok, sorry. :grinning:

Hi all my friends
what is the best smartwatch 4g at this moment in the world
like ticwris max s but some newer
do you know any?

If you want a rectangular watch like the Kospet Note / Ticwris MAX-S… There is nothing else like it at the moment.

If you don’t mind round watches why not have a look at this forum?
The search function at the top of the website is very accurate indeed.
In fact, if you typed your question in the search box, you would have found the answer :+1:


thank you so much mr pablo you guided me very usefull
yes i just want rectangular but i got in doubt when the kospet saler sayed that’s old and stop product
so i asked myself maybe find better one

other sellers also suggest other like dm and lokmat on their own advertising

now i finalise my purchase today in alibaba just by 130usd
thank you again

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Ok cool,
So which product did you buy?

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i placed ticwris max s with an extra strap as a gift
not confirmed yet maybe tomorrow
it is out of stock in many companies
if anything more needed please guide me to buy