[Q] Ticwris Max - Magical Update Procedure

Anyone got the magical update procedure using the wireless update (ota).

Install option is cutoff and search is not helping on the forum, found a thread for the round watch’s but not for my rectangle.

I seem to remember that this watch also has the square mode function. Press and hold the power button to access the power off menu. Then select square mode. Don’t forget to do a factory reset after the update.


That option was not there when I started.

I ended up finding another thread talking about making text larger by getting to the actual settings menu (the fact its hidden is maddness) for accessibility, so I used that since I could make it smaller.
That worked so now it as up-to-date as it can be from the updater, still not whats on the site but dunno if mine is a D and now the W variant on the site.

Off topic question, anyone figure out an app that works for taking automatic periodic HR?

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Much appreciated all, got it all going and been using it happily.

Figured I wouldnt make another thread, anyone know if any new rectangular watch’s are coming, or at least some with full android in the same form factor as the OG Samsung Gear S