Program for watch faces

Hello, could you help me install the program you use to make watch faces? I previously downloaded it on Windows 10, but now that I have 11 I can’t :frowning:

Thanks <3

If you are talking about Watchface Designer, you have to install Java first to make it work.


Could you send me the latest version of wachface designer please?


The version that @Dr_andy_vishnu posted is a beta. There are some bugs, but it’s really good. Whatever, here is the version V14.0 An older version, but without bugs. I use both versions.


Make sure you have the requirements installed on Win 11 before you use it.
Java etc …
The details are all here Watchface Designer
There are some interesting bits of info in this thread and I didn’t see the point in re-posting information. Both beta and last prod app version are in this thread as well.
I believe is the last prod version and it is also linked in that main thread.