Prime s no notifications

I installed whatsapp app and no notifications co r when message arrived. Additionaly when asks for backup i cannot answer if i want because screen dooes not Zoom out!

@savvinio, welcome!

You must configure notification permissions in system settings.
To access the backup, change the round screen to a square screen (you must press the main clock button for a long time)


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Notifications are on but still no notifications comes when a message in whatsapp arrives

Go to settings and disable battery saver. Then enable unrestricted data use.


can you please explain this step to step ? i apologize.

Read this


Yes!! I finally did it! Thank you so much. Now notifications for whatsapp are coming. One more Thing.when income calls are coming Through whatsapp, i press the screen to answer but nothing happens. I cannot answer the call. I try to attach screenshot but it does not. Let Me…

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Great to hear . As for not answering calls ? Thats a new one for me . In watch settings for whatsapp ( have u allowed ALL permissions )

This is what APPEARS, but nothing happens when i push it.

Did u do what i said above ?

Yes, tha helped Me. Notifications are OK now. Thanks a lot. Messages Come and are OK. But calls in whatsapp appear as the picture i sent. It rings but it does not appear a sign to pick up the call…

have you tried while it is in round mode?


OH. Nice idea. I Will. Thanks you are kind and quick