Prime dual camera switching is not possible

The side camera of Prime is not switched and cannot be used.
The switch button in the part you see in the picture has disappeared. What’s the solution?

Try square/round switch or third party adapter on/off

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Thank you for your answer.
But it’s not solved…

Hmm, have you tried to close the camera app in the backround app and open it again? If this doesn’t work I would recommend a factory reset.

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Did you play with developer options, e.g DPI settings ?
I guarantee you, there is nothing wrong with the camera app, but you have turned on some non standard display setting… Have you rotated the app ?

The developer option was not used.
I have tried initializing it, but it is still not solved.
If it’s a setup problem, shouldn’t factory reset and return to normal?
and, what is the rotated the app?

Thank you for your answer.
How can i close background apps,
and do factory reset?

To close backround apps: press and hold power button, recent Task, close all.

Factory reset: settings, reset equitment, factory reset.

Task kill…it don;t work.
factory reset you said, first way what is i used when the problem break out.

You already tried a factory reset??? Are you sure? Have you flashed another firmware manualy?

Factory reset was not a solution either.
The latest firmware is currently installed, so I don’t think I can install any more firmware.
Can’t i get the firmware back?

Have you flashed it manually by using a PC? Or was it an OTA update?

it was OTA

And it was working before you did the ota update?

sure. It worked well.

Please uoload a picture from your actual firmware: settings- about watch- build number.

yes. but I don’t know what is the wrong firmware.

…just send me a picture or give me the number of your actual firmware…

I would just recommend you to save all ur things in ur pc then factory reser 99%sure it should correct the problum

It’s V2.6_B_20200908
Android 7.1.1