Prime 2's Watch Tethering App (WiiWear/WiiWatch 2)

My P2 arrived today :slight_smile:

I’m struggling to pair to a watch app :frowning:

I first installed WiiWear ( but I’m unable to Sign Up as it does NOT send a code to my email. (tried numerous times, checked spam folder etc)

Anyone else experience problems receiving the code from WiiWear?

Should I be using the WiiWatch 2 app instead?

I don’t have the watch but does the manual that comes with the watch show WiiWatch2 as the correct app? Or you could use WatchDroid unless you have an iphone.

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Manual says WiiWear, @SmartWatch_Ticks mentions WiiWatch 2

(a) WiiWear doesn’t email me the code
(b) WiiWatch2 didnt want to connect to the watch (I gave up when I realised the device wasn’t charging)

WiiWatch2 also shows WiiWear in some screens, so i think it’s the right application to use. However, i have not succeded in pairing with the watch. In fact to be precise, the pairing succeeds, but the wiiwatch application doesn’t see it. Watch and phone are still not seeing eachother, even if they are well paired.
Maybe a problem with those early FW versions.

Can somebody try install the latest version of the WiiWear app and see if you can Sign Up via email

Not able to sign in…

ok, not just me

I can confirm it’s not working. Tested on Prime 2 and Mi 9T Pro running Android 11.

I agree . As it stands watchdroid is the way forward ( for now anyway :wink: ) .

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Yep. No need to use wiiwear…:wink:

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Kospet should either update their user manuals to reference a working app or make sure WiiWear gets sorted.

In my case the app is working (samsung fold 2)

Yes it’s working now. That’s good news !

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Are you referring to WiiWear app? The build number is still

*Maybe it was a server issue…

Yes, the WiiWear app.

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